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RI DOE math framework for math 9th and 10th , similar to NCTM quidelines
NEA takes time to mention in its good news for RI page, that Rhode Island is given the highest rating for science standards from the Fordham Foundation.  But it fails to mention the Fs RI gets in English and Math standards.  Matter of fact RI MATH standards are ranked  the WORST in the US.  Warning the html is 637K
American Federation of Teachers review of Rhode Island's math standards
Mathematically correct is the granddaddy of all new math reform sites.  California was the first to implement the NCTM standards.
California's OLD 1992 math framework.  Based on NCTM standards
California's NEW 1999 math framework, rated #1
California's NEW 1997 math k-12 standards,  rated #1 in the country
2000-20001 list of RI approved math textbooks
1999 list of RI approved math textbooks
Mathematicallycorrect's review of textbooks and math programs, find your childs program
California's adopted mathematics instructional materials,   Education publishing is big business.
Comparison of SAT scores for RI cities and towns,
Analysis of SAT scores of a large population of IMP students. Discussion of the ALARMING 100 percent increase in math remediation in colleges since implementing NCTM standards.  And discussion of IMP's claim of no decrease in SAT scores.
SAT scores are important to parents of students that hope to go to college.  But even more important is remediation in college.  Who wants to pay college tuition for remediation courses that should have been taken in HS or worst courses taken and passed in high school.
California tracks remediation rates for college freshman.  Since rejecting NCTM statndards and writing their own in 1997, college math remediation rates have fallen 20% statewide!  Look under 'CSU Freshman Remediaton'. 
A common refrain from educators is "School boards have control over curriculums in Rhode Island."  This link shows how state testing is undercutting school board control.  Look under bullet # 1 second sentence.
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