Richard P. Joseph

Homosexuality:Getting A Better Perspective

The homosexual lifestyle brings death and destruction only....  The Christian life offers freedom to do what is right and truly enjoyable.

Since the dawn of time man has struggled with the issue of homosexuality and I imagine that it will keep on going on, perhaps forever, as long as man is arrogant and self serving.  Throughout history the same mode of events has occurred.  Basically it is this; The homosexual community has wreaked havoc on society right from the beginning and is still at it today.  There is, to my knowledge, no known benefit ever produced from a homosexual act.  Homosexual men have flooded the doctors offices because of disease, they visit the coroners office quite often due to suicide and have fallen prey to illegal drugs as well as legal drugs (in some places) like amyl nitrates (which is believed to be the cause of Kaposi’s sarcoma). Other areas where society has paid the price is when young confused boys are recruited into a destructive lifestyle that eventually has no fulfillment.  In the following paragraphs I will evaluate homosexuality from my life’s experiences.

I have seen, in rare instances, people who may have a genetic defect that may affect their sexual nature.  These cases need to be evaluated from a medical stand point soas to assist the individual involved to overcome their handicap.  There are many congenital defects known to mankind and these cases may be one of them.  These cases, I’m sure, are rare.  However, 99% of the cases of the individuals in the homosexual lifestyle I personally know do not appear to have a genetic disorder.  I will explain my reasoning, not by examining their genes, but by my everyday interaction with them.

There are many people who are now attempting to explain homosexuality by means of genetics.  They should be careful, however, because if there is a such thing as a “gay” gene then I suppose that there could just as well be a homophobic gene. Why are some people so eager to believe that only they can have a genetic disposition whereas others can’t.   I say let’s be fair about this.  If he can, I can!  Besides all this I personally know identical twins, one is heterosexual and the other is homosexual.   I know that some people try to explain this fact away with a bunch of hogwash, but I for one am not that gullible.

The fact is, is that every homosexual I personally know (and I know a lot), there is not one that did not have a traumatic thing happen to them in their childhood experience with their parents or some other significant adult in their life.  So, am I saying that every child who experiences some unfortunate event in their life becomes a homosexual?  Of course not,  I am only saying that some use homosexuality as an escape from facing the it.  One day I asked a homosexual man, what was your father was like?  “Which one” he answered.  He really didn’t have two daddies, what he meant was that his mother had so many men in and out that he grew up with no real father figure.  It was also disclosed that he and his biological father had a very poor relationship.  I could go on and on about homosexuals that were molested, adopted, belittled, cross dressed by adults as a child and the list goes on and on.  My conclusion on this aspect of the issue is that something happens to some people that shakes their confidence.  Since courting the opposite sex is, in my estimation, one of the most difficult things to do as far as confidence is concerned that the easy way out would be to avoid the opposite sex altogether.  I will attempt to make this clear to you in the following paragraphs.

Somewhere along the way somebody gave me a schematic of the brains of men vs. Women.  This pictorial view of the brain was far superior to that which I found in my Gray’s anatomy book.  This was all the evidence that I needed to secure my viewpoint on this subject.  For your enjoyment and scientific edification, please examine the picture below.

I know you think I’m being funny.  Well maybe I am a little but there definitely is a lesson in this parody.

This breakdown of our brains reminds me of the genetic terms phenotype and genotype.  A genotype is the actual genetic code for all the traits that are eventually displayed in an organism.  The phenotype is the actual observable display of that particular genetic code.  It is in other words like a computer.  The computer has thousands of electronic codes that the layman may never see or understand.  That would be like the genotype.  The phenotype would be the actual words that are manifest on the screen that we can readily see.  What I am saying is that while the scientists are attempting to find a “gay” gene, I am, for all practical purposes, attempting to look at what the obvious is.  This cartoon of the brains says it all.

As you can see by the picture above that in the male brain the cartoonist  displayed what is obvious to any adult human.  They reserved the largest component of the male brain for the “sex” department.  Sex is something that is a gift from god to be used in a lifelong committed relationship for the main purpose of procreation.  Sex is a good thing when used under God’s confines.  But we all know that men are somewhat aggressive when it comes to thinking about sex.  Women on the other hand, according to the picture, has only a sex particle.  Why is this so?  It is obvious to me that God created a checks and balances system to prevent an entire list of problems.  One of the main problems would be that one would waste all of his precious time having sex, not to mention disease, morbidity of the mind, molestation, etc.  This checks and balances system is acutely absent in a  homosexual relationship between two men.  For a man to get sex from a healthy minded woman, he must first approach her, date her for a period of time, gain her trust, and prove that he is committed to taking care of her and her children for the rest of her life.  That sounds like a lot of work.  Men must have a large sex drive to do all that for it!

Why, some might ask, are there female homosexuals?  There reasons are similar but the outward manifestations may differ.  A women usually seeks security and a meaningful relationship in their partner.  Therefore, sex may not even be the main event in a lesbian relationship.  Not so for men.  Neither is more correct or worse than the other, they just come out different.  Men, because of their aggressive nature, are more in the path of destruction when they have nothing to  balance their actions.

Many homosexuals bypass all the obstacles and go directly to the “prize”.  I have been approached three times in my life by Homosexuals.  Not one wanted to date me, take me out to dinner, commit to any loving relationship, support me and our future kids or any other courteous action.  Each one stalked me like a cheetah stalks a dear.  When they approached me they went straight way to the sex question.  Do you want a *@#$  %*!?  When I said no, they began begging to the point of crying.  This is exactly like what you can read in the Old Testament  in Genesis 19:4-11 & Judges 19:22.  It is very clear how God feels about the act of  homosexuality.  The scriptures are full of condemnation for homosexuality.  The bible is also full of forgiveness to any sinner; me or you who wants a way out.

Hopefully, some of you will see the practical point  I am trying to make.  The homosexual lifestyle brings death and destruction only.  It is lifeless and its subjects after suffering depression, drug abuse and separation from God, will usually die full of disease and many by suicide.  It is a completely selfish lifestyle that produces no healthy fruit.   On the contrary, everything that Jesus does produces fruit worth bearing.  The Christian life offers freedom to do what is right and truly enjoyable.  If you are in the homosexual lifestyle, I would like to challenge you with just one scripture.  Romans 1:26-32  shows that this is a result of something, not that you were born that way.  It may be difficult but think for once about being obedient to God instead of your desires.  You can go from confusion to security and be set free from the bondage of lust.

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