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Richard Joseph's Bio

Richard is a regular guy who works as a Medical Technologist and also runs a part-time carpet cleaning business just trying to pay his taxes.  After the taxes are paid he tries to feed his beautiful wife and their six children, twelve rabbits, three dogs , fifty chickens (sometimes the chickens feed them too!), five fish and a few rodents.

Richard is a native of Michigan with a Lebanese heritage.  After graduating from Siena Heights college in 1983 he landed a successful career shoveling cement (this is no slam to my alma mater; it is a very good school).  He got big muscles but small paychecks.  Besides after being a wrestler for so many years he decided that money was better than muscles so he decided to defend the country.  He entered the United States Air Force and went to the AF School of Healthcare Sciences.

He can identify with the average person in most of their struggles to get by in a sometimes hostile world.  He now resides in Lapeer County  where he spends his off work time with his family.  He also enjoys fishing, playing and writing music, and coaching sports for his kids and community.

Richard's Statement of Faith

The Bible is God's word.  God gave us the Bible to tell us things about Himself and His plans for humanity that we would not have figured out on our own.

God created the world for His own pleasure.  Colossians 1:16 tells us all things were made "for Him".  In this context, we were made for Christ.

Sin entered the world when man used his free choice to choose self rather than God.

Sin has separated humankind from God.  Furthermore, its grip affects every person.  It is part of our natures and it is impossible for us to overcome on our own.  All people sin and are slaves to sin apart from Jesus Christ.  The wages of sin is death, or separation from God for eternity.

Jesus is the only begotten Son of God and was born of a virgin.  He was fully God and fully man.  Though sinless, Jesus took the penalty of death upon Himself.

By believing Jesus as God's Son and accepting what His work on the cross, God will consider us justified.  Furthermore, Christ's righteousness is granted to us and the power of sin is defeated in our lives.  We have the hope of eternity with God as He originally intended.

The Holy Spirit was given to all believers, empowering them to do the work of the ministry.

Christians are commanded to spread the good news of Jesus.

We believe that the above statement of faith may be quite inadequate.  We must be in a continual state of learning and growing.  Thank God there is not a standardized test to get into heaven!

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