You Are NOT My Friend

After what you did, how could you be?
And how could I allow it?
Your horrible destructive spree
And the fires of pain you lit.

Like ripples in a little pond,
Your actions have effect.
We live in skin and not teflon;
Our hurts we don't always select.

Your concern stops
at the end of your nose and
whatever you feel at the moment.
If it's not liked,
it's the other guy's fault.
Blame-shifting is your only talent.

If even questioned,
you speedily attack
and accuse before you can be exposed.
Non-sequiter, ignoring, and a
withering offense are all things
you took time to master.

So whenever you realize
your problem is such
not shared by the whole population,
And you seek to find cause.
You need not look far,
but open your eyes and
the answer you seek
You'll find in the closest mirror.

Ted Bundy
Jeffrey Dahmer
These guys aren't my friends either.


Terribly original and one of:
Red's Greetings

Music by The Rolling Stones

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