An Almond Scent

I wonder when it was
And what I did
Or if it was me at all,
This lifetime around.

A stale lifesaving loaf
in Ludz before,
Or perhaps it was that basket
of Paracelsus' rose petals,
Or maybe one of us
dragged a beast
into the cave
for the other,
before speech was ever written.
This is Love.

I have reached out to you,
and you to me
countless times in Infinity.
All infinite past and future
contained in Now,
Now is the time and this is the moment.

How many lives will we waste,
and when does this blossom open?
Which knife cut the thread,
and where is my lesson,
And is there a moment
When the reaching hand is grasped,
or does each moment's bubble
reflect all others, always,
And will I forever wonder?

Page and poem by Redheaddad

Artwork by Anni Nykänen
used with permission

Music by Jethro Tull


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