Atlantean Dream

(We Will Rock You)

by Shahnahkehm

It was a fine day in Atlantis, the light from the Crystal shining serenely down upon everyone and a slight breeze ruffling the treetops, and the people were having a fine, normal day. Parrot-lizards fluttered about chattering to each other, exotic Atlantean creatures roamed about, and people went about their business. Suddenly, something unusual began to happen. The tall gray sentinels, the stone giants, whom stood silently at the city's edge, had suddenly begun to move. They bunched together and suddenly began to stomp their feet as the populous of Atlantis watched on. They stomped their feet twice, great waves of water emanating from the splashes, then they clapped their hands once, blue energy sparks jumped and danced about them. Stomp-stomp clap. Stomp-stomp clap. The great statues continued this for a short wile before yelling in deep, gravely voices "We will, we will rock you!" Stomp-stomp clap "We will, we will rock you!" Stomp-stomp clap "We will, we wi-"

Don Hahn woke suddenly in a cold sweat at three in the morning. "Nah…" he mumbled and rolled over. He soon fell back asleep.

Atlantis the Lost Empire, Parrot-lizards, the Crystal, and the Stone Giants are all property of the Walt Disney company. The song "We will rock you" belongs to its original writer, and to however many companies have purchased rights to it. Don Hahn is NOT my own character, and in this instance, any similarity to the real person is purely intentional, and if I so have the honor to find that he reads it, and does not approve, I will gladly change it. Anything else is the property of Shahnahkehm.

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