Atlantis Museum of History and Industry

Hi, there! I'm Milo Thatch, and-

What? Oh, she decided on Kan-Lis? Thank you very much! She's going to get such a surprise...!

Oh! Sorry. Well, uh, welcome to the museum! If you want to see the vehicles, they're just inside in the main hall… Well, all but a few because they're so big, but there are pictures of them.

The hall on the right is, well… It's about all those who made a difference 90 years ago who ultimately made Atlantis what it is today.

The hall on the left is theories our visitors have contributed. Feel free to do so yourself! The exhibit isn't much yet, and if you have a contribution, we'd love to see it!

Oh, there's the back exibit room, too. How could I forget that? It's dedicated to some of our later, well, escapades, you might call them.

And of course, last but not least is the new Leth-Stamp Gallery, which houses a beautifully-rendered retelling of the search for the Shepherd's Journal, generously donated by the protectress, Stampedian.

Jiminy Christmas! I almost forgot. You'd probably like a map, wouldn't you? Here's a copy of a map I made years ago… I think it's pretty accurate… Hope it helps. Anyway, have fun!

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Main Hall
Left Hall
Right Hall
*****Leth-Stamp Gallery****
Back Exibit Room
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