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This is my husband, Howard, and my son, Liam, grinning at each other while cheering Sarah's softball team on to victory in the Fall 1998 Kwajalein World Series.
This is Liam, Nick and Sarah at Howard's nephew's wedding in June 1998 -- ages 2, 11 and 16 at the time.
Sarah & Liam sitting along the Kwajalein Lagoon in November 1998, ages 3 and 16.
This is Howard, Liam & I in June 1998 with my sister, Amy, and niece, Calli, in Chicago.  With us also is the Brooker family -- Bill, Sally, Adam & Amanda.  The Brookers are the only people brave enough to actually visit us on Kwajalein!
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Introducing our latest addition:
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Morgan Mei Tian Brown
was born on
November 25, 1998
Huangpo China
and joined our family on
June 12, 2000
Guangzhou China
Since March 7, 1999
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