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"Dedicated to Queen, to Freddie Mercury and the thousands of fans around the world!"

Welcome to the Queenfans Homepage!
Dedicated to "Queen" and especially Freddie Mercury . Lots to see here if you are a Queenfan, one hundred and nineteen photos of Freddie in the gallery, with more to follow, more than 130,000 fans have been to the gallery
View the tribute to Freddie, cards and flowers laid at Garden Lodge on November 24th 1997 and 1998, all the messages on the card from all over the World, add your message to the tribute.
A list of all the Queen concerts and the solo concerts.
A brief history of Queen which will be linked to the discographies, at the moment we only have the album covers.
Check the on-line Queen shops, CD's, vinyl and much more, you may find the item you have been looking for.
All the latest news is available direct from the Official International Queen Fan Club. (Thanks to Jacky).
Leave a message for other fans on the message-board.
If you have time view and sign my guestbook. I love to know what you think of my site, good or bad, and any suggestions you have are welcome.
If you have a site with Freddie Mercury content, then why not join the Freddie Mercury Web Ring.
The ICQ list and fan profiles pages are also worth a visit, or check on the sites that have won the "Queen Site of The Month" award.
Our latest additions are Freddie..The facts. The lifes and times of the rock god. Complete with pictures.
Lost an e-mail address. The Queenfans e-mail list is now up and running, with a mailto link for each address. "Mercury - the afterlife and times of a rock god", is now on-line, with reviews from fans.
My latest additions are "Queenfans Chat", chat to other fans.
"Another World" the new album released in June 1999, plus links to Brian's own web-site and Brian's news page at the fan club.
Lot's more pages are planned for the future as time permits, so please call back
We are proud to announce the new "Queenfans Mailing List", just click below to join.
The new communications centre can now be accessed straight from this site, download ICQ and you can have one to,
Thanks to Frank and Jennifer we now have the Francis Tunney Mail-Box, you can share the very funny mails that only the priveliged QMS members have seen upto now. It is well worth checking out.
A report and pictures from the 1998 Convention is now available.
The Queenfans ICQ Group is something new, if you have ICQ you can join this group yourself.
We now have news of Roger's new album called Electric Fire released in September 1999.
Check out MayBe a new young Brian May cover band.
Enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting...Ken.

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