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Welcome to Our Sam/Jack Site!
Who are we? We are Jo'siris and Sam'sEvil Twin. We loove the S/J relationship and we love writing and reading fic. Our site is new, and so we dont have much on it at the moment, but that will all be changing pretty soon so join our update list to notified when we add some stuff! : )

What's New:
May 1st - New Music Vids on Vids page
April 1st - New Fic Added -
When Jack and Mac Collide by Jo'siris
March 28th - New
Vids - They Dont Know, and But I Do by Jo'siris
March 22nd - New
Vid - I cant imagine by Jo'Siris
March 16th  New fic added -
Two Plus Two Makes Five by Jo'siris

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Both Jo'siris and Sam's Evil Twin took these tests and got the same result. What does this mean? We don't know. But its fascinating isn't it?
What type of Sam/Jack shipper are you?

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