Panther Power Cars:

What is it?
Panther Power Cars (PPC) is a car club for owners of The Ford Crown Victoria, the Mercury Grand Marquis, and the Lincoln Town Car all of which are built on what is known as the "Panther Platform"

Who runs it?
The club is currently run by Eric who is the final authority on any decisions for the PPC.

Who is eligible for membership?
In order to be eligible for membership, One must do the following: own any Panther Platform vehicle, and they must be active members in both the online.

What is a PPC event?
A PPC event is any car show or meeting of Panther Platform owners, where at least one existing PPC member is present for any duration of time. Also, there has to be more than one person in attendance. Who organizes PPC events? Anyone who wants to put together an event anywhere is perfectly able to do so. Anyone can organize the event. As long as at least one PPC member is there for any duration of time, it is a PPC event.

Where are the events?
Anywhere. In the New England area, meets have been held all over the state of MA, some are planned for CT as well. In the Midwest, there is a specific part of Chicago where meets are often held, in California; members meet at a cruise night on Fridays in LA. These are not the only areas where events can take place, if you wanted, you could have an event in your backyard, your apartment building's parking garage, or at the bottom of the lake near your town (not recommended).

What does membership cost?
So far, nothing. In the future, donations may be required to keep this club going, but for now everything is free.

Does the "Power" part of the name signify horsepower and performance?
Not necessarily. While more power and performance is cool, the term power is used to represent our goal of bringing Panther car owners closer together, and to make a strong community that will leave its mark on the pages of automotive history.

I don't drive, but I own an actual panther, can I join if I bring the animal to an event?
No. And don't ever contact us again. Ever.

I wish I owned a panther car:
don't worry, the rest of your Impala SS/Caprice friends have there own website and online community.

Is any PPC merchandise available?
So far, no, but in the future there may be hats, shirts, and flags available.

Is The PPC afiliated with anyone?
Yes! so far we are affiliated with:

PPC is NOT affiliated with: OR
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