My Weight Loss Pictures
July 6, 2002- right before Weight Loss Surgery.
Size 32- Weight: 351 lbs.- BMI: 55.0
I had Weight Loss Surgery on July 8th, 2002.
This page is to help track my weight loss visually.

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August 6th, 2002- One Month out
Size 28- Weight: 328 lbs (-23 lbs)- BMI: 51.4
Incision Pictures
Before/After Surgery Headshots
September 6, 2002- two months out.
Size 28- Weight 311 lbs (-40 lbs.) BMI: 48.7
October 6th, 2002- 3 months post-op
Size 26- Weight: 282 lbs. (-69 lbs!!!) BMI: 44.2
November 5th, 2002- 4 mos.
Size 26- Weight: 276 lbs (-75 lbs.) BMI: 42.2
December 6th, 2002- 5 months.
Size: 26 (maybe 24)- Weight: 262lbs (-89lbs.) BMI: 41.0
January 4, 2003- 6 months.
Size: 22/24- Weight: 250lbs (-101lbs!!) BMI: 38.0
February 10, 2003- 7 months.
Same as last month. I've hit my first plateau!
March 15, 2003- 8 mos + 7 days
Size: fit into 22's on bottom and 18/20 or 22/24 on top depending on the style  Weight: 249 (-102 lbs.!) BMI: 36.3
New piccies finally!!!!! 4/11/05

I'm pretty much wearing the same size as the last set, I think..... (Now that I look @ the difference...I see less chubbiness in my face...hmm...) 
.....but finally eating right and exercising!! (hiatus mostly caused by severe depression- I gained about 15 lbs right around Christmas)  Trying to get healthy FINALLY and I feel really good!  :) 
Wish me luck!
By the end of April I had lost 19 lbs. Now I am at approx 235 lbs- down in 2 months from a size 22/24 to size 18 jeans (last pic I was wearing sz. 24 jeans) and 18/20 top
Wow. I honestly can't tell the difference til I post the pictures next to each other.  I start feeling all fat and getting depressed about not looking the way I want to look, then I look at myself compared to even just a couple months ago.  Not sure of weight right now and not too worried about it. I know I'm still dropping. Just bought my first article of size 16 clothing (since....early middle school?!?!) The skirt in this pic.  :)
Shirt- 14 to 18  Bottoms: 16 to 18?  Wow.
Had a tummy tuck on 9/8/07.
The doctor removed 12 lbs. of
skin and fat!!!
I have a waist!!  :D
For more info, visit the
tummy tuck page!
Tummy Tuck Page
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