All About Me!
I was born in Niagara Falls, NY on October 13, 1975.
I was fat, even as a baby. I have these pictures of myself at 6 months old, a year, 3 years, etc..and in all of them, I'm fat.

My mother, Nancy was a size 5 when she had me. My father, Joe was thin and looked like John Travolta when he was young, but as he got older, he got wider. Right now he's probably a good 280, and is in denial...he still tries to buy size L
I was a difficult child, and therefore had a difficult least that's how my parents explain it. I know I was a handful, and in return I was beaten. I grew up angry at the world. I hated school. From the time I was young hated everyone there.

When I was in 3rd grade I went to the bathroom and couldn't get my zipper done back up. I went into the classroom and told the teacher, who was busy getting people lined up for recess....she made me lie down on the floor in front of the whole class so she could try to get my zipper done up. I complained to her that the kids were making fun of me..and she proceeded to chastise me in front of the whole class,saying  "If you don't want them to make fun of you, perhaps you should lose some weight"

Man, kids come up with some good ones, especially when encouraged by their teacher's ignorance.
Isn't it funny what makes people stick in your head?
Yes, I still hate you, Mrs. McMahon!  :)
You know the wonderful names schoolkids come up with.....
Basicly anything young, ignorant, fat-hating, image obsessed minds in the making can think of to convey immense size and stupidity....
Anyway,  I was a size 16 in 6th grade, an 18 in 8th, in 10th (1992) i was
approx. 260lbs (size 22) then I dropped to 230lbs. Later in 1992,
at 17, I got pregnant with my daughter Hailey.
I had Hailey in 1993, and an extra 40 lbs. that I have continually added to to get to where I am now.

In between all of this, I tried Weight Watchers 3 times, I used to drink those ALBA shakes..ick, I tried Richard Simmonds, Slim Fast, I was put on Prozac and lost 40 lbs..then gained back more...and it's not even working on my depression anymore.

I was in a car accident in December of 1996. I got a nice scar on my face from my tooth going through my lip, scars on my forehead from glass, a broken nose, a concussion, and messed up my knee and ankle on my left leg badly. I went in for knee surgery in Dec. of 1997 for torn cartilage and arthritis in my knee. Once inside, they realized that I also had a shredded anterior cruchate ligament. I put off a second surgery till May of 2001. They went in and replaced my ligament w/ tissue from a cadaver. (eew) I was couch-ridden for 3 weeks, then on crutches for another 5. Now, I'm back to work and the pain in both my knees while going up and downstairs is unbearable. Walking is ok, but my knee crunches, and I'm constantly afraid that it's going to slip.

I am now at approx. 360lbs. and was just beginning to try to get approval from my insurance company when I got laid off. (August 31, 2001) But I should be on my husband's insurance soon.

I feel that Weight Loss Surgery would be the best solution for me.
                  Beyond the pounds....
                                  Some of my interests:

The 80's, angels, animals, anne rice,  bettie page, body modification, boondock saints, bret easton ellis, buffalo, candles, cats, cemetaries, chick flicks, cloves, clubs, coffee houses, dancing in the rain, drawing, drive by banana chipping, faeries, fairys, ferrets, flick, friends, garters, georgia o'keefe, goth, goth kiddies, gothic, gravestones, grave rubbings, Hello Kitty, h.r.giger,  hedonism,  indie films, jay and silent bob, john carpenter, jude law, kids, kurt vonnegut, pablo picasso, painting, photography, piercings, Power Puff Girls, religions, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rochester, rocky horror picture show, rosemarys baby, shopping, Space Ghost, spork jousting, stephen king, tattoos, the crow, the nightmare before christmas, tim burton, toronto, trainspotting, view askew, walt whitman,  wicca, witchcraft

Music: Assemblage 23, beborn beton, dark wave, das ich, deine lakaien, delerium, depeche mode, devision. duran duran, econoline crush, frontline assembly, funker vogt,god lives underwater, godsmack, glam rock,
industrial music, gravity kills, in strict confidence, incubus, lords of acid, love and rockets, love spit love, marilyn manson, matthew good band, mdfmk, mesh, moby, moist, nine inch nails, orgy, kmfdm, korn, siouxsie and the banshees,stabbing westward, the cure, static x,the catherine wheel, the tea party, the vandals,tori amos, VNV nation, wolfsheim, zeromancer,project pitchfork, placebo, poe, velvet acid christ,treble charger, VAST, rammstein, rancid, rasputina.
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