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What have I accomplished with my Reiki / Pranic knowledge? How did I even become interested? My journey has been different than most, being involved in family life at the time yet coupled with commitment to spiritual daily meditation and related spiritual activities. Now that's a lot to mix and match with balance. :)  Please allow me to tell you a bit of my story.


As a child growing up I heard about the Christian "laying on of hands." I even saw it on television. Of course, in time I  learned about the many charlatans out there. When these rascals  were taken out of the picture, that picture of modern day healers did not completely fade away. The reason for that was....... well, some really could do it! 


I have to admit, that caught my eye. Initially I was under the impression that it was a "gift" only for the few, the chosen. In time I considered that maybe a handful could develop it. I had an interest, therefore began searching for, and reading any unique book on that topic, or similar unique topics. I tried and tried of my own accord to develop or find such a "gift" within myself. Nothing changed. I thought that if it had not happened by this time (older teenage years), and with sincere desire and endeavor, obviously it was not going to happen to me --  therefore I did not have that gift, right? 




But I didn't know that, so I dragged on in my every day life. 


Next, as a young adult I began to locate better literature on the topic and read, as well as heard,  this skill can indeed be LEARNED by anyone. Why? Because it IS a gift, but God does not have favorites. This gift has been given to all who wish to take the time out to study and practice. Plus, it's open to all religions, paths, is not a dogma but there for everyone. Again I was intrigued. There was hope for me yet. :-)


Having developed a natural interest to heal with herbs in the early 70s, this concept of also healing by use of hands was very complementary to that. But where was I going to locate a place to learn this art of healing with hands? Were there schools? I didn't think so, but if there were any, they were far away from my area. So I conjectured that probably out in the midst of nowhere lived an elderly yogic man or mystic woman who accepted students, feeling they wouldn't even find me to accept (or reject) because where I lived was so distant from them. Believe me, with ears kept open, I would have heard, had they been even remotely near my locale. (sigh) 


Time is a funny thing. It doesn't always give you what you want when you want it, thank goodness. :-) However, it DOES give it to you: when the timing is right; when you are ready (mature, or in a better situation, or more open, ....... Etc.


Although I was sincere and searched earnestly in my teen years, I was raised in a small but close minded little town. It was great for the safely of raising a child, but forget it when it came to any form of enlightenment.  In 1971 I graduated high school and off I went. 


Moving out of my parents home and living independently was initially hard on my folks. I feel for them now. Simultaneously it was exactly what I needed for my selfhood. Gradually and with some life experiences, I first found my way into the lives of various interesting folk who introduced me to yoga, mediation and vegetarianism. This was while I still lived in NY state. (Not city, state; actually mostly the countryside.) Shortly after that, I relocated to California. Most readers all ready know how many unique groups and books are available there.  For me it was a blessing at the time.


Ok, so the Reiki part of this story all began around the late 70s in Los Angeles California where I came across a most fascinating book (I still have a copy). It was on the subject of Polarity healing, Not exactly Reiki but a start. In that book was information explaining how to sensitize your hands, right than and there! So I tried it, and it worked!! (Incidentally, this is the same basic information to be found in Reiki. )


Therefore I had learned to sensitize my hands the Reiki way, to some degree, back around the end of the 1970s. Since it didn't wear any fancy labels or cost me thousands of dollars, I didn't know it related to Reiki in any form.  Also because there wasn't as much talk about Reiki then - not so many knew what it was. 


Polarity healing has much in common with Reiki adding to it the positive and negative charges of the body. However, it did not give enough information on self treatment or how to get started if you don't live in a big city or just somewhere you might be able to locate others of like minds. It wasn't enough, but it got me started. (I still hold a place in my heart for Polarity Healing.)


My first experience in actually using my hands to heal was interesting.  It was around 1982 or 3 in the woods of California. I developed a rather large wart on my finger. Simultaneously a New Age healing magazine/advertisement arrived in the snail mail (the only kind most had back than).  I nearly threw it out since I was becoming bombarded with many new agey ads, yet it also was a magazine and had some helpful articles too, so I kept it a while and read through it. Inside was a story, I think by Dr. Pavola Arola (who has since passed away but was a wonderful natural healer). He told how his mother had the ability to simply tell warts to "go away," and they just did  it. Well, there I was with this good sized wart on my finger, so I gave this article a serious look-see. 


Now this was before I technically knew Reiki (etc.), or how to factually apply such an energy.  I wanted to give this "healing with hands" idea a try. In this very simplistic editorial, he explained how to do it (a combination of visualization and cupping the hand over the wart). I tried it regularly every morning for a month and at the end of one month my wart was gone! This surprised me, as I really did not believe I could do such a thing, even while practicing doing such a thing! 


Actually, I went into it as a skeptic with intent. Not a skeptic regarding whether it was doable by others, but whether "I" could do it or not do it; whether the average Joe or Jane could. I didn't have much training either, so felt doubtful. Anyhow, because I was able to stay regulated and give some time to this every morning, standing outside on my front porch (California's nice weather made it easier), I wound up with the experience that someone as average as myself could achieve this. 


About one year after that another wart developed on a different finger. It was slightly smaller than the last, but not much; it was still of reasonable size. I followed the exact same procedure as I had used for the first one. Again, in a month it was gone!  As of this writing, I have not had another wart since. 


A few years after that (it was about 1990ish) I learned Reiki hand positions from Diane Stein's first book ever on this, one many don't know included Reiki. It's titled: "All Women Are Healers." I proceeded to use these hand positions and energy on someone who had a dental problem. Though a dental visit was still needed, the pain was gone! Until they could get to one, I treated them a second time (different day) and again the pain left! 


I don't consider myself to be better than anyone else. Any person could do it who was willing put in the endeavor. Therefore these results were rather convincing. 


So I started to take it further. When did the Reiki frequency (also known by other names) begin to show itself within my hands?  I started to look at where it all began and what books I had read, what cassettes I had listened to, some mentioned above. 


Next I heard of a nurse, Dolores Keeger, who was using a technique she called "Therapeutic Touch" to help her patients. I purchased one of her books, only to find out once again, yes, it is essentially the same thing as Reiki, as well as everything else I had looked into. Chakras, auras, sending distant healing, laying hands on her sick patients -- which gave significant improvement to many of them; improvements that were confirmed.  ~ At this point I lived in California and Denver Colorado, about 92ish.  


After that I looked into something I've been mentioning called Pranic Healing. It is like a cookbook called, "Miracles Through Pranic Healing." If you have a headache, you look it up and it tells you exactly  where to send the pranic/reiki energy to help heal it. Plus it includes chakras, auras, explained how to active the "Pranic" or "Reiki" energy in your hands. So once again, I was taught how to do this.  And I realized that Pranic healing and Reiki have a lot in common. 


In that case, why would I prefer Reiki over (modernized) Pranic healing? Because use of Reiki can be less specific yet gives equally fantastic results! You don't need to follow a cookbook; simultaneously you can. Either way, just send the reiki energy and it works. No hard and fast rules. You don't have to worry about directing it. If you sent too much, too little, or to a body part that you later decided was the "wrong" area of the body, it's not a problem. Reiki simply goes where it's needed even if you make a mistake! That's one reason I choose it. 


But allow me to clarify, I am speaking of the current methods. Deep in my heart I believe that Pranic Healing and Reiki, the originals, to be one and the same. They were just born of different cultures and therefore may have minor differences. However only culturally, not in workability. They both work fine.


Another reason I selected Reiki over modernized Pranic healing, as well as over other methods,  is due to my experiences. Though small but still revealing, I have been able to compare and see / feel the difference between many of them, their frequencies, and even other types of healers or methods. I found some to be similar. However others can be DRAINING compared to Reiki methods. With this Reiki you learn how to tap that energy so it can simply "flow." Though Pranic healing is not suppose to be draining, I have also read otherwise. It seemed to walk a tightrope, at least in this day and age. And the other methods? Draining.


What to speak of different methods that are often complex to learn. Then when you complete it, they tell you there is an energy even better, even stronger, if only you'd enroll. 


Universal Energy is Universal Energy. No one has a corner market on it. I found Reiki to be downright simple to learn, perform, and ALL a person will ever need.  Of course, some people get tempted or like to experiment around, but that is another topic. 


Whether it goes by the name Reiki, Prana, Manna (Hawaiian), Wakan (Sioux), Jesod (Jewish Cabbalists), Oki (Hurone Indians), Alchemists, Orgaon (Dr. Wihelm Reich, Biocosmic Energy (Dr. O. Brunler), Odic Power (Baron Reichenbach), Baraka (Sufi's), (Pneuma) Greeks, and so on, the energy is all the same. 


Why waste time and money on the small variables in each one (and this list is not complete), when all that's needed is to learn the simple method of Reiki? Why make it complex? Of course, one can, and it's all right, as long as the individual consciously understands that choice. 


Now, if a Master/Teacher Etc., is truly qualified, revealing full knowledge -- or not withholding it -- then regardless of what anyone tells us, no one Reiki method is superior or more potent than the other. I felt most were trying to tempt me for the almighty dollar, and with research I found this to be true.




With that said, having made the comparison of my various healing experiences, this next lead me to suspect I opened up to Reiki long before I officially took attunements. Personally I don't feel I needed attunements, as I was experiencing that energy and healing with it (as can anyone who wants to), thus probably all ready attuned through some "other" way.  I suspect that previously living in an ashrama, as well as later maintaining a spiritual home as similar to the ashrama's lifestyle as possible, could be a reason I had all ready opened to the Reiki energy.  


Now, I also remember noticing various changes after reading a book and doing its exercises. It seemed to come almost automatically, with a little practice of course. Or listening to a cassette which brought about changes too. Maybe reading/listening, then practicing, had also attuned me to Reiki at those times.  Nevertheless, or somehow or other, it happened. I believe it can happen to you or anyone, as attunements are not limited to any marketed formula.


As mentioned, I took the Reiki attunements anyway. Why? In order to get the official lessons. But especially, to compare and see, to make sure I had been doing it right. ~ I was.


Once noticing it was what I all ready had, I wanted to heal the world -- and sometimes still do. :-) That is most likely something all of you reading this are wising to do. (Compassion is the nature of healers.) First studying and practicing lessons are needed, getting the "how-to's."  After completing that, there is a much better chance of success rather than just haphazardly endeavoring to heal the world, the person next door, our cat or that sickly looking plant on the windowsill. Once some solid study and application has taken place we are better equip.  .... Got to learn 'how' first. 


The last reason (thus far) that I went with Reiki is the outrageously high costs many have charged or still are charging for Reiki. I agree we all have bills to pay. I also feel the cost for learning Reiki can be made reasonable and therefore more accessible to all. There's a difference between charging a nominal fee for a teachers time and effort, and charging outrageous prices for Reiki. No one can sell Reiki. It is an energy out there for anyone to tap. If you want specific instructions to get the "how-to's," than a sane fee can be requested to obtain that knowledge and time from a teacher. 


To give you an idea of what I am talking about, formerly Reiki level I cost $150, Reiki II was $500, Reiki III or Masters cost anywhere from $1,000 and all the way up to $10,000! That's ridiculous. They were raking it in, some living a fancy life, as they made a factory out of it with many under them who could not move a muscle without permission of their "healers lineage." 


All a Reiki teacher should aim for personally is to maintain putting food on the table or similar, thus living the lifestyle of a humble brahmana or priest. (Comfortably humble, not poverty stricken.) This would next make it affordable for others. And that would help facilitate average, sincere folk to help heal themselves and people in general with something as easy to learn, and simple to do, as Reiki. 


After everything I experienced, especially trying to figure out which method was best - with all stating it was them - ha, I eventtually compiled what I had found into one course.  I also located an especially potent Yogic type of Reiki or Prana healing method which I felt significant to include, as it's empowering of ki. Therefore I have tried my best to incorporate the cream of all I have learned personally through my humble journey.  


Now, I don't claim every little angle is presented, as that would be humanly impossible. There will always be someone who comes up with a new twist on things, and that's fine too. However, my discovery and research showed me that in essence they were all the same, all worked. Therefore I feel there is plenty in my lessons,  even more than some who make greater claims. :-). That which I discovered, uncovered, even recovered, from their various sources, I put all together into lessons. 


Currently I am teaching them as Reiki Courses Online presenting both traditional and some nontraditional knowledge in each of the three levels.  It's not for everyone, while it's clearly for some. If interested click on the link and take a look to see if it fits you as an individual.



Priitaa devi dasi






COMING:  In time I hope to compose some helpful articles about Reiki and put the links here on the bottom of this site. Thank you for reading this! 




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