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What is meant by "almost new?" That they may have been looked at or very slightly used but probably not used in full, and in most cases the binding has not even been broken. First come, first serve.

As soon as I sell an item from the used section I delete it. If you wish, you could give a second choice, or email me (scroll) and ask if it's currently available.




INTUITIVE HEALING, by Judith Orloff - We are the keepers of an intuitive intelligence so powerful it can tell us how to heal." In her groundbreaking new book, Dr. Orloff leads readers to the heart of a radical revolution in health care: the union of medicine and intuition, of body, mind and soul. We're all born with the gift of intuition.  Dr. Orloffs guidance will show you how to recapture, nurture and affirm your intuitive ability so you can utilize it and help to heal yourself. Excellent condition! Hardbound. Pgs 348. New: $24.00. Donation for Mine: 12.00



STOP AGING THE LAZY WAY- Only one available, first come, first serve: This book is completely new, and good for those who don't have the time to make a study out of anti-aging but sure would like some tips! ....... For example, it gives info on how to loose weight while you sleep by taking a harmless pill that burns fat, save thousands of dollars on the latest cosmetics and creams - a few well chosen items will keep you on top of the lines, gives tips on how to fix menopausal distress in minutes, how to maintain a youthful mind, vital supplements that keep your memory in tact, sunglasses that help prevent macular degeneration, sound advice on good nutrition, stress management, learn how to tap into your inner peace in ten minutes with breath, and hundreds more short-cuts for hassle-free solutions that will short-circuit the aging process and extend life. Softbound, in perfect condition, pgs over 170, retail price $12.95. Mine: $7.00.



MIRACLE CURES: Dramatic new scientific discoveries reveal the healing powers of herbs, vitamins and other natural remedies. Covers issues like: Alzheimers, Natures Prozac (St Johns Wort), A cholesterol zapper, Gods valium, Amazing heart energizer, the antabuse of plants, natures antinausea drug (herb), and more. Hardbound. Pgs 308 My price: $7.00

MIRACLE CURES book, $7.00



One of each. First come, first serve. You can give a 2nd choice if you wish, or email me and ask about its availability. Money will be returned if book has been sold or you can request a credit slip, though items are usually available if listed. Also, I don't list junk here. All are in good condition unless otherwise stated. 


Big People's Used Books:

PLEASE NOTE: All books $2.00 or under require a minimum order of at least 2 more items of equal price or 1 of higher (because the postage has been coming out of my pocket.) Thanks.


STUDENT TEACHING: Jeanne M. Machado/Helen Meyer Botnarescure, 2nd edition: This comprehensive guide is full of practical information. Bringing together all child development theory and practices into one easy-to-use source, this guide will help childhood education students thoroughly prepare for their student teaching, samples of lesson plans, end of unite questions, employment info, multicultural emphasis, developmentally appropriate, etc. New was: $16.50 Condition is good but can tell its been used. Used: $8.00. 

STUDENT TEACHING, book - $8.00


RESOURCES FOR TEACHING CHILDREN WITH DIVERSE ABILITIES -birth through eight. This is a textbook and a resource book for teachers (or parents that home school a few children) who are including or will include children with disabilities in their classes. The book acknowledges and identifies the role of theory in the field and then translates this theory into practice. The book provides information about growth and development, program planning, and working with families. It contains over three hundred activities to facilitate individualized programs, it is written in non-technical style and is designed to increase knowledge about children with disabilities and to demonstrate how to apply this knowledge in a teaching situation. The scope of this book is broader than that of most books in the field. Now, it is not a brand new book and it has been around, but its in decent shape, has a 'few' dog-eared or bent pages, some light dents in the glossy cover, maybe a mark here or there, but its in basically in pretty good condition, and actually, its a deal if you are someone who needs this specific information. New this sells for $53.95. Since its a little more used than others, my price: $20.00


HOW TO GET KIDS TO HELP AT HOME: A loving guide to help families share household tasks - without fighting or nagging. * Match tasks to the capabilities of your children, * Organize your house so that everyone can help without a fuss, * Deal with reluctant teens who simply won't clean up, * Create easy-to-follow, imaginative and visually entertaining schedules, more. Paperback. Good condition. pgs 163. New: $3.95. Now: $1.00




You know those tall and thin, attractive and interesting encyclopedia or animal or creature books that you see in the grocery store for young children? Well, I have quite a few of them, used of course. Here are the currently available selections:

PENGUINS AND POLAR BEARS - Animals of The Ice and Snow, By National Geographic: Beautiful real life pictures, National Geographic style, this book is great to look at and learn from both. Excerpt: "Leaping and diving, like dolphins, Adelie penguins speed through the sea. They rise from the water every few seconds to breathe. Penguins are birds, but they cannot fly. They swim, using their wings as paddles and steering with their legs." Both cover and pages are in excellent condition! Approx. 34 pgs. Hardbound. $2.00 



PLEASE NOTE: All books $2.00 or under require a minimum order of at least 2 more items of equal price or 1 of higher (because the postage has been coming out of my pocket.) Thanks.

CREATURES OF THE SEASHORE: This is a factual series designed to stimulate the interest of first readers, featuring large type and a section to encourage full participation through observation, memory and imagination. he cover is in medium condition but the inside is new! Great realistic color artwork. $1.00 


CREATURES OF THE WOODS, By National Geographics: From bears to foxes to turkeys and more, this book is filled with real life photo's of animals in their natural habitat, combined with a little fun blurb about each one. Two pages at the end give info on simple ways you can share the wonders of the woods with your child. Photographs are terrific. Cover in medium condition, inside in good condition. Hardcover, pgs 33. $1.00 


THE WORLD BENEATH YOUR FEET - By National Geographic society - Beautiful real life pictures of animals, from Jack-in-the Pulpit in spring to the tiny toad sitting in some forest moss, from a chipmonk to ladybugs. Lovely green woodsy pictures as well as a section in the back, "More Abut The World Beneath Your Feet," and instruction on looking under plants for this or that. Good condition. Hardcover. Pgs approx. 34. $2.00 


BLACK BEAUTY This is really self explanatory. The cover is in medium condition but the inside is new! Beautiful color art. Realistic style. Horses, horses, horses. This is a book for the child who likes horses. Hardcover 68 pgs. $1.00 

BLACK BEAUTY, book - $1.00

ROBINSON CRUSOE - A Wishing Well Adventure Classic - You know the story, now it is presented here for young children to enjoy. Good condition. Color pictures on each of it's 24 pages. $1.00 

ROBINSON CRUSOE, book - $1.00 









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EXPLORABOOK - A Kids' Science Museum In A Book: There are more than 50 activities contained in this book, plus the tools to do nearly all of them. All you need to supply is the world around you, and a little curiosity about what makes it tick. "Drop the Explorabook (1 pound) and a penny (1/10th ounce) from the same height, in a race to the ground. We'll offer you 2 to 1 odds in favor of the book. Should you take them?" Activities: Magnetism, Light Wave Craizyness, Illusions, Hair Dryer Science, Biology, Ouchless physics. Book comes with nifty magnet attached to it. Interesting book but condition is fair, so I've lowered the price. Softbound, 100pgs, $1.00 

EXPLORABOOK, book - $1.00


NOTE: All books $2.00 or under require a minimum order of at least 2 more items of equal price or 1 of higher (because the postage has been coming out of my pocket.) Thanks.


PTEROSAURS, the FLYING REPTILES. By Helen Roney Sattler: If you have a dinosaur-lover kid, they will love this book! Beautiful color paintings! Both cover and inside are in good condition. In the back it contains a pronunciation guide and index to various dinosaurs and heir time period along with the page numbers you can find them on. Sample reading: "Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, pterosaurs flew in the skies. Some people think that pterosaurs were dinosaurs, but they were not. They were no more closely related to dinosaurs than they were to crocodiles. However, like dinosaurs, they are called archosaurs, or 'ruling reptiles.' They are classed as reptiles because they had reptilian skulls and teeth. But these remarkable animals were special reptiles." Get the facts! :) Interesting, educating yet fun with colorful pictures of pterosaurs or other similar creatures on each page. Hardback, pgs 46 Used. Very "slightly" warped, SLIGHTLY, and in good condition. New this costs $13.00. Asking: $3.00 



SLEEKY THE OTTER, Leonard & Briscoe: I was tempted to put this book under the story section because it reads so nicely, but technically it is an educational book as a “reader.” Unfortunately it doesn't state the grade level but in the back it has a vocabulary section with words like, "bear, careful, down, empty, follow, lesson, understand, wander, where, etc." Excerpt: " Sleeky and his mate found their way to Miller's Pond one fall day. It was a cold day and very, very clear. The sun shone on the bright fall leaves. It made the water look silvery. The two otters were swimming down the stream that ran into Miller's Pond. As they swam, their dark brown heads broke through the bright water." Good condition. Hardbound. 86 pgs. $1.50 

SLEEKY THE OTTER, book - $1.50

ALBERT EINSTEIN, Young Thinker: Aladin Books serious of "Childhood of Famous Americans." This is the "story" of Albert Einstein.softbound pgs 192 Condition is almost good so: $1.50. 

ALBERT EINSTEIN, Young Thinker, book - $1.50




. .

USED - Various Ages

THE LEGEND OF SCAREFACE - A Blackfeet Indian Tale - By Robert San Souci, Illustrated by Daniel San Souci. Excerpt of story, "Many years ago, a by lived among the Blackfeet Indians. He was called 'Scareface' because he had been born with a mark on his cheek. His parents were dead so he lived with his grandmother. ……….The chief of the tribe had a beautiful daughter named Singing Rains. All the young braves tried to win her affection, but she would have none of their boastful, arrogant ways. Scareface too fell in love with her; but because he was poor and his face was scared, he did not dare speak to her. When the other braves found out that Scareface was in love, they made fun of him…..She (Singing Rains) said to Scareface, 'I would marry you. It doesn't matter that you are poor. …. But I have made a promise to the Sun, who is the Father of us all, never to wed. …..Scareface replied, 'Then I will go to the Sun and ask him: for surely the Sun, who gives us all good things and is our Father, does not wish his children to be unhappy.' And thus the plot continues with an interesting ending. Book cover is slightly bent, inside of book is in good condition with lovely art work. Softbound.pgs 38 For children ages 4-8.  $2.00



NOTE THAT all books $2.00 or under require a minimum order of at least 2 more items of equal price or 1 of higher (because the postage has been coming out of my pocket.) Thanks.


THE LITTLE PRINCE, by Antoine De Saint - Exupery: "The Little Prince lived alone on a tiny planet no larger than a house. He possessed three volcanoes, two active and one extinct, although one never knows about volcanoes. He also owned a flower, unlike any flower in all the galaxy, of great beauty and of inordinate pride. It was this pride that ruined the serenity of the Little Princes world and started him on the travels that brought him at last to Earth, where he learned finally, from a fox, the secret of what is really important in life." Lovely watercolors, good condition with dustjacket (a little yellowed but you can always take it off.) Crisp pages, hardbound, pgs 91 $2.00 

THE LITTLE PRINCE, book - $2.00

THE STORY OF JUMPING MOUSE By John Steptoe: "You will reach the far-off land if you keep hope alive within you." The words of Magic Frog give courage to the young mouse on his long and perilous journey to reach the wonderful land of legend. He faces many obstacles on his quest and sacrifices much to help others in need. But the mouse's compassion and faith in himself proves to be a source of great power…. And bring him rewards even beyond his dreams." Cover a little warped, inside pages good condition with black and white ink drawing illustrations, paperback, approx. 38 pgs, for ages 5-8 $1.00



RUFF LEAVES HOME By Cartner, illustrated by Butler. Ruff the fox pup fox was just too curious about the world and went for a walk until he was lost. He had many adventures but missed his mom. Beautiful pictures! Hardcover. Good condition inside and out. Approx. 24 pgs. $1.00..




QUEST FOR A MAID By Frances Mary Hendry: In the tradition of Scott and Stevenson, modern day writer Frnaces Hendry has created a classic 13th century adventure story that is told in a language toddy's reader can easily understand. This story grabes hold of you from the very first sentence and never lets go. It begins: "When I was nine years old, I hid under a table and heard by sister kill a king." Meg, the heroine, goes on to tell the exciting tale of Scotland trying to find a king after King Alexander falls off a cliff into the sea. Megs sister is a witch who sets this terrible power struggle in motion by casting a spell that causes the accident to happen. Meg is unwittingly involved and must use great courage and insight to save her life and the life of her friends. Excellent condition! For children approx ages 10 +. pp 273 pgs $4.00

QUEST FOR A MAID - book, $4.00

MOUVAR'S MAGIC, By Piers Anthony & Robert E. Margroff: The prophecy of Mouvar fulfilled --The mysterious prophecy that has shaped the life of Kelvin Knight Hackelberry and his family seems nearly to have run its course. The Two Kingdoms that were joined by Kelvin to form Kelvinia have now been united with three others, to make a great confederation under the rule of the young twin kings, Kildom and Kildee. Kelvin has earned some time to rest with his family. Charles and Merlain are now twenty years old, and so is Dragon Horace, their brother who is the Great King of the land. But the clouds of the last battle are gathering. The evil Professor Devale and his witch servant Zandy had been foiled in their attempt to destroy Kelvin by using his children -- their evil plot had led to a stronger, more peaceful land under its rightful rules. Now they will try one last time to prevent all that is good in the universe of the frames -- and although the Prophecy of Mouvar has been accurate up to now, still three is a chance that evil will prevail." Good condition. Looks almost new. For teenagers. Paperback, pgs 310: $1.75

MOUVAR'S MAGIC - book, $1.75

PLEASE REMEMBER: All books $2.00 or under require a minimum order of at least 2 more items of equal price or 1 of higher (because the postage has been coming out of my pocket.) Thanks.


TEHANU, By Ursula K. Le Guin: "Once she'd been a priestess, quest-companion to a powerful mage, a student of high magick. Then she gave it all up to be a farmers wife on Gont, content to lead a simple life. But Tenar was not born to live her days in peace, away from great events. A dying wizard and an abused child were the first to call her back to the path she had abandoned. For the end of the adventure beckoned and Tenar would be there along with the dragons, mages and the young king himself to share in the unforgettable fate of the kingdom known as Earthsea." Cover bent, insides are fine. Great read! This is a book for a teenager. paperback, pgs 252 $1.50 

TEHANU - book, $1.50

OVER SEA, UNDER STONE By Ursula K. Le Guin: "Like many adventures, this one began with a holiday in Logres (land of the West and King Arthur)." Some bends in the bookcover, etc. Excellent read for young teens who like to expand their imagination. Softbound, pgs 229 $1.00 

OVER SEA, UNDER STONE - book, $1.00

MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN, By Jean George: The story of a modern city boy's adventures alone in the mountain wilderness. "Aren't you scared to stay here by yourself?' asks the driver. 'Heck no!' Sam shouts, swinging down from the truck. He's come from the city to live in the forest for a while year. All he has with him are a knife, some string, an ax and flint and steel for making a fire - no matches, no food, no tent. But this first night he can't get a fire going. Hungry and cold, he sits shivering, listening to the wild cries of the night creatures. NOW he is scared!." OK condition inside and out. 208 pages, softbound. Ages 9-13. Great book for boys! $1.00 


SING DOWN THE MOON By Scott O'Dell. A Yearling Publication. A Native American tale. One lovely spring day, fourteen-year old Bright Morning and her friend Running Bird, take their sheep to pasture. The sky is clear blue against the red buttes of the Canyon de Chelly, and the fields and orchards of the Navahos promise a rich harvest. Bright Morning is happy as she gazes across the beautiful valley that is the home of her tribe. Happy until the barking of Black Dog disturbs her and she turns. It is then that she sees the Spanish slavers riding straight toward her. Good condition, lovely picture on cover of a young Indian girl. Paperback. For children approx ages 7-11. Pgs 137 $1.50 

SING DOWN THE MOON - book, $1.50

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES by L.M. Montgomery, Illustrated by Jody Lee. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert of Green Gables send for a orphan boy to help them out at the farm. They are not prepared, however, for the error of being sent a girl. This redheaded 11-year-old girl can talk anyone under the table. Fortunately, her bright and lively nature and unique imagination quickly win over these reluctant foster parents. Anne's feisty spirit soon also draws many friends--and much trouble. Not a day goes by without some melodramatic new episode in the tragi-comedy of her life. Anne soon declares her antipathy for classmate Gilbert Blythe. He makes the foolish mistake of mocking her hair color. Later, she accidentally dyes that same hair green. Another time in her haste to impress a new neighbor, she bakes a cake intending to use vanilla but used liniment. Lovely artwork. This is a book for the older child or young teenager. Hardbound and in good condition though signed by grandma. Dustcover is clear, see-though. Pgs 382. New approx: $19.95. Current price: $9.00

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES - book, $9.00


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