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Welcome to my family history! I hope you enjoy your visit and find some useful information. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, corrections, or, especially, new information.

Visit my WebStatus Page for important update informaiton.

I have, for the most part, only included data which I have personally verified; but not always, so I've tried to indicate when this is the case. Please, please, do not rely on my data as truth. I'd be happy to share my sources with you (and soon hope to have at least a cursory source list posted here as well), but you should never rely on the internet to be the end-all answers to your research questions.
Happy Digging!

Start here to begin your journey back in time. As you work back in time, click on a parent's name to go to the page with his/her family. I've gone back ten generations so far, and continue to add my ancestors' descendants and collateral lines.
My surname page includes all surnames on this website. Clicking on the surname takes you to the Index of Individuals.  OR go directly to my main pages for JONES, THOMPSON and MARSDEN.
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Lists all individuals on these pages by surname and indicates the state(s)/country and dates of where and when that name was found. Includes my direct ancestors and their children, spouses and some In-Laws. Click on the name to connect to their family page.

(Ahnentafel form)
Connected to family pages.

Includes all my direct ancestors.
Most of my ancestors have been traced to five states: New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia. The locations page contains links to resources I use for those locations.
This page contains basic source information. For exact citations you may send an email request. I'm only beginning the process of linking the information on the family pages back to the source page.
Click on the question-mark icons throughout my website to send me email to answer the specific questions I have noted about my ancestors.

Additional information is available on the families where you see this symbol. Please email me for more.
Tips to help you get started in genealogy online.

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