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22.  James SKINNER was born c 1843 in London, Middlesex, England. (18) He immigrated to the US about 1869 (8). The family lived in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. He was a news dealer.

23. Anne SELLEY was born c 1845 in South Molton, Devon, England and has a brother  James SELLEY born c1848. (18) Anne had a confectionary store at 131 So. Orange Avenue, in Newark.

Their children were:

i. Annie Maria (Molly) SKINNER was born c1861 in London, Surrey, England.(23)  She married  John SPEARPOINT.
ii.  William H. SKINNER was born c1862 in Lambeth, Surrey, England. (23) He married twice. His second wife was Lillian.
iv.  Isabella SKINNER was born c1865 in Lambeth, Surrey, England.(18)
v.  Alice SKINNER was born c1868 in Lambeth, Surrey, England.(18)
vi. Rose SKINNER was born c1874 in New Jersey. She married  Mr. YEAPLE. As a widow she lived with James and took over the confectionary shop after Anne passed. (8)
viii.  James A. SKINNER was born c1875 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. (7)
     ix. Edith SKINNER was born c 1881 in New Jersey (8) and married Erastus WADSWORTH. He was born 14 February 1880 in New Jersey and died Jan 1967. They had two children: Florence (1912) and  Raymond (1914). (11)

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