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THOMPSON Family in Virginia and West Virginia

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THOMPSON Family in Virginia and West Virginia

Grandma was a THOMPSON from the beautiful state of West Virginia.

Her family lived near the "Thompson Home Place" in East River.  Her father Ira THOMPSON is believed to be from Bland County, Virginia, and his father Johile THOMPSON, is a mystery. The earliest record we can find of Johile is the 1880 census in Mercer County, although we have record of a son born in Bland County, Virginia in 1879.

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Picture of Helen's cake for the Thompson Reunion.
Bertha (1895 - 1899)
Fannie Svillia (1908-1997)
Gracie Dexter (1899 - 1996)
Grover Cleveland (late 1800s - 1964)
Harvey (1800s)
Henry Joseph (1906 - 1961)
Houston E. (1879-1879)
Ira Hoge (1866-1938)
Jessie Havana (1898 - 1976)
John William (1871 - 1949)
Levi E. (1845 - )
Lulu (1874 - )
Maggie Matilda (1903 - 2000)
Matilda (1800s)
Thomas Isiah Bee (1901 - 1991)
Virgil Allen (1905 - 1949)

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