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This page has EVERY link that appears somewhere on my website in one place. It also has a few others that couldn't be categorized anywhere else. Click on an specific genre of links or scroll down and read them all.

Clip Art Links
Friends' Links
Helpful Links
Horse Links
Miscellaneous Links
Philanthropical Links
Shopping Links

Clip Art Links
These are links to all the sites where I got the clip art, bars, backgrounds, etc. for my website. These sites helped make this website as interesting to look at as it is to read.

A+ Art
The Absolutely Free Icon Library
Barry's Clip Art Server
Calvin and Hobbes World
Clip Art Universe
Clips Ahoy! Free Clipart Island
Equizotic:Free Horse Clip Art and Other Goodies
The Free Graphics Store
Horses, Horses & More Horses-The Photo Archive
Iconographics Designs
Kulacrosse's Clip Art Stable
The Official Peanuts Website
Skidmore College
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Friends' Links
These are links to my friends' websites. These sites are not only listed because they belong to my friends but because they are great sites in their own right. Spidell's Magnum Opus
Lords of the Ethereal-(recommened to me by Eric, what a shock)
Mai Mai's Hideout
Sara's Home Page
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Helpful Links
If you are designing a website of your own, these sites will help you a lot. I know that they definetely helped me make this site.

The "Home Page" Home Page
The Web Diner
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Horse Links
These are links to place where you can learn more about my favorite animal, the horse, or about anything horse related.

BigPaw's HiHopes for Horses
Equine World
Equizotic:Free Horse Clip Art and Other Goodies search of horses for sale
Friends of Lord Stirling Stable
Horses, Horses & More Horses-The Photo Archive
The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
Kulacrosse's Clip Art Stable
Mylestone Equine Rescue Home Page
Rainbow Acres Horse Rescue
The Silver Reins of a Master
Skidmore Athletics-Women's Riding-plus a link to the Van Lennep Riding Center's official site
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Miscellaneous Links
These are links to random places on the interent that I like but that don't fit into any of the other categories.

Babel:The multilingual, mutlicultural online journal and community of arts and ideas-a really cool site that's trying to translate lots of stuff into every language imanginable-you can even sign up to be one of the translators your personal library online and keep track of it, so cool!
BookSlut-a great literary webzine
Bunny Survival Tests Home Page
Chatham, New Jersey's Official Website
Chatham, New Jersey's other website-because as we all know, Chatham has 2 of everything, including websites apparently
Dave Matthews Band Mailing List Website funniest website I have ever been to!
Europe 2-my favorite French/Euro pop music radio station where you should live!
Friendster-be my friend!
General Hospital-where I get the latest on the soap I haven't actually watched in years
Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character GREAT website! a free email address!
LEGO Studios Screening Room: Monty Python
Lowenstein Sandler PC-where I work during the summer great place to listen to all sorts of music over the web. place for news about Jersey when I'm not in Jersey
The Official Dave Matthews Band Website
The Official JESK website
The Official Shotgun Rules
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia-play the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game! (recommended to me by Sara)
Play MASH online!
The Simpsons Archive
Somerset County Park Commission
The, Internet like Burning-an all around humorous website
Warning for anyone thinking of traveling to France

Philanthropical Links
For when you're in a giving mood.

Donors some underpriviledged school districs by choosing which projects you want to give money to
Friends of Lord Stirling Stable-always in need of some extra funds for their projects, which include finding good homes for the retired school horses your charity and then whenever you shop online (as we all do obsessively) a portion of your purchase will go to the charity
Mylestone Equine Rescue Home Page-my chosen charity at IGive

Shopping Links
These are, of course, all the places I like to spend my money online!

In Association with cool place to find cheap stuff. See what I'm selling there by clicking here free stuff by visiting places, reading email, and doing other things of this nature
Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free
rewards! tickets to events and pay a 10 dollar INconvenience charge for textbooks here and try and end the reign of the monopoly that is your college bookstore!

Know of a cool website and think I should have it as a link here?? Email me and if I like the site, I'll add it here and say that you recommended it to me!

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