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It's been a while, but this website has just been updated! Better news: I added 2 pages, and updated 1 page. Bad news: my phonecards collection blog is broken :-< so I have to take it out of my links.
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My name is Peter, and I am a collector, mainly phone cards. Most of the phone cards that I have now are inherited from my late grandpa, who was a huge collector.

This page is dedicated for my grandpa's and my phone cards collection. I hope you enjoy it!
Star Phone Card
Phone Cards 101
Phone cards and more phone cards :->
Telecom Directory
About My GrandPa
My grandpa loved wild animals, so most of his phone cards feature animals. As I was introduced to phone cards since I was small, most of my phone cards feature my old time favorite cartoons.

My grandpa always showed me his collections, and took me all over the place to hunt a phone card. I don't have as many phone cards as he did, so most of the phone cards shown here were his.
Indo Turtle
Sandel's Phone Cards
Mercury Phone Cards
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This webpage is last updated on  October 30, 2008
I'm very excited that this page is keep on growing, and so does my friends links list. If you are interested in exchanging links with me, please don't hesitate to email me :-> Or, if you only want to comment about something, just visit my blog, and you can leave a comment there.
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