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Traditional Peru Restaurant SUMAQ


About Us


We're a young company devoted to the provision of restaurant services, in international food, national and special care in offering typical food of the region as Chiriuchu, Cuy baked, Lechon, Rocoto, permil and others for this , we have a group of highly trained professionals.

Likewise, the restaurant Sumaq is committed to promote the folklore and the region of Cusco, so every Saturday organizes the live performance of different artists from our region.


Special Offers Peru Restaurant Sumaq


1.- Plato Sumaq (con 1/2 cuy, Qapchi de zetas, rocoto relleno, pollo al horno, medallón de alpaca y choclo) S/. 50.00


2.- Cuy al Horno (con rocoto, tallarin, papa y tullan ) S/. 30.00 y S/. 35.00


3.-Lechon (Con Tamal, moraya y rocoto) S/. 22.00


4.- Trucha a la Plancha (con arros, papas fritas o doradas) S/. 17.00


5.- Chicharon (con papa dorada y mote) S/. 18.00


6.- Pollo al Horno (con tallarin, papas, y ensaladas) S/. 15.00


7.- Pollo Imperial (con soltero cusqueño y papa huancaina) S/. 15.00


8.- Permil al Horno (con pastel de tallarin, papa y rocoto) S/. 20.00


9.- Milaneza de Pollo (con papas doradas) S/. 18.00


10.- Sufle de Rocoto S/. 10.00
PHONE: +51-84-237300
LOCATION: Portal Harinas 181 Plaza de Armas
atte: Peru Restaurant Sumaq


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