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The purpose of this site is to help Prairie Dog pet owners with basic care and help inform the general public about what goes on behind the scenes with Prairie Dog Rescues and with the Prairie Dog Relocation efforts.

Please check the news section frequently for up to date stories on Prairie Dogs in the news.

Unwanted Prairie Dogs are put into rescues because an owner is unable to keep them. Because of a federal ban put in place in 2003, unwanted Prairie Dogs must go into a rescue and stay there the rest of their lives. Prairie Dog rescues need help for ongoing care of these unwanted, abused, or neglected pets. These are Prairie Dogs that have somehow lived through being neglected, abused, shot, and poisoned. Handicapped Prairie Dogs are in need of constant care. Vet costs and the basic necessities for these Prairie Dogs can be expensive over time. Information will be provided here so that you can help these Prairie Dogs and the rescues that care for them.

PLEASE NEVER release a Captive Prairie Dog back in the wild. They will never survive. If you have trouble keeping your Prairie Dog please email us, there are rescues that can take in your Prairie Dog and give it the quality of life it deserves.

Prairie Dogs in the wild need your help too. Organizations dedicated to relocating Prairie Dogs, not only need money for relocation efforts, they need suitable land, veterinarian care and housing before the wild Prairie Dogs can be moved onto an established location. Information and what is needed to help in the relocation effort is included on this site.

Last, but not least, basic information will be provided for Prairie Dog Pet Care, with links to food, caging, gifts and more. Please email if you find that you could use some help in the basic care of your pet Prairie Dog, we have contact information where you can get free help.

ALWAYS seek routine care and medical attention from a licensed, exotic veterinarian in an emergency. Any advice given on this website or on any other webpage should not be a substitute for proper vet care. If you need assistance in finding a vet please email, we may be able to help you locate one depending on your location.




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This website is not designed to give medical advice or take funds. It is provided to give information and any transfer of funds to help Prairie Dogs should be given directly to the appropriate organization. We are not a rescue or a relocation organization and have no affiliation with any entities listed on this site. Our goal is to help Prairie Dogs as pets and in the wild. Our opinions may or may not differ from any authors or links listed on this site, but the main objective is to help Prairie Dogs and educate others about these special animals and the positive impact they have on our environment.

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