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Network Building Capabilities
Time evolutive
Random Behaviour
One-Way Signals
Routing System
Small, Clever Features
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Why is it so good?

My list
In my opinion (and this is something I would like to discuss with you), the main reasons for TTDX outstanding durability are:

- Terrific Network Building Capabilities: The level of detail when building up your railway network is extremely high. You can build almost any kind of crossing you can think of, and make an art of it...

- The game is Thought to Be Time Evolutive. The growing level of speed in the railways and the increase in the demand for tranport (both, passenger and freight), although fluctuating, rises in the long term. New technology like Monorails or Maglevs also contribute to the same purpose: There is always something to do, no matter what game time (the 50's or the 2030) you are playing.

Growing demand and needs for transport make the game time evolutive

- Very Random Behaviour, which change the game scenario constantly: New industries emerge, some others change their production rates, cities grow and diminish all the time, etc.

- The One-Way Signals, a new feature of TTDX you couldn't find in the old TT. Such a small detail, but it enables to create real "heavy" routes, with several trains on the same corridor, allowing track reuse (i.e. trains with different destinations using the same track for conveniency)


Two-way signals vs. one-way ones. What a big difference this small detail makes!

- Outstanding Routing System on the game. Trains can find their route in a clever, on real-time way, whatever complex your layout is.

- Full of Small, Clever Features, just small things which make you smile or laugh, like the submarine or the UFO destroyed by the military, or some other, more game-related, like the en-route feature which allows you to tranport things using different means of tranport in a very close-to-real-life way.

Just click on any link to know more about each point.

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Network building Capabilities
Thought to be time evolutive
Game random behaviour
One-way signals
Train Routing system
Small details and features

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