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Here you have all the polls published in our website up to date. If you have any suggestion for a new poll, please send it to us using this form.

 Poll #5
What should be the next improvement in TTDX?
Underground railway networks
Bigger Cities
Bigger Maps & Worlds
Better, updated graphics
New music
More air transport functionality

 Poll #4
Would you be willing to pay for a sequel of TTDX?
I'd queue to be the first one to buy it!
Only if it really was Chris Sawyer's
No, I prefer to rely on free updates for the game

 Poll #3
Which one do you think is the best game by Chris Sawyer?
Transport Tycoon Deluxe, of course!
RollerCoasterTycoon rules
I enjoy both

 Poll #2
Which one do you think is the key feature which makes TTDX unique?
Network building Capabilities
Thought to be time evolutive
Game random behaviour
One-way signals
Train Routing system
Small details and features

 Poll #1
How you find this site?
Very good!
Quite fine
Not the best I know
Pure Crap

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