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Games and Scenarios
The best site for games is the Ultimate TTDX game repository.

There is an australian who built up the most busy, powerful saved games I have ever seen. However, somebody could argue he got it editing the saved game file to increase production in key factories... maybe, but the it is worthy to have a look anyway: Adam Trevorrow pages.

Andrew McPhee has a very good site full TTDX scenarios. He updates it frequenly and the scenarios are very realistic! Check out Macca's pages and have a look.

The webrings are also a good place for chasing good games and scenarios. Ckeck this out: The main one is The Transport Tycoon Webring, to which this site belongs, but there two smaller ones: The Unofficial Tranport Tycoon Webring and the The TTDX Scenarios Webring.

Strategy, Advice et al.
Probably best site on the issue: Unbeatable FAQs on TTDX, great links and other sources of information section at Tranport Tycoon semi-FAQ.

Don't forget to sign the petition for a new, enhanced version of TTDX. This page, part of the TTDX FAQs has over 1,700 names on it just asking for more TTDX! Have you ever seen something like that? Sign it right now .

Of Course I must link the god of gods's website. Of course I am talking about TTDX author, game programmer's king, Chris Sawyer Website.

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