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A bloody good game
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How I found it

Just by Chance...
I can't remember the date. I guess it was one of that boring weekends when my brother and me decided to go shopping.

We were looking for some software but, as usual, big games were quite expensive and you are never sure enough about what you are really buying... no chance for heavy investements. So we decided to gor for the value for money corner, where you can always find old glories to affordable prices. I had something on my mind about strategy, construction or railways simulation, and I was lucky to find them all in one, single game.

"Tranport tycoon", that was it. Its package looked great, and the pictures on the box were fine. Problem with commercial software is, you are never sure of where the photographs come from, if they will look the same on your system or not... and I hadn't read any review of the game, so decision was not obvious. But at the end, it had a good price and I really wanted something good to play with so I bought it. Thanks god!

A bloody good game
Transport Tycoon (TT) was a very good game. It had a good user interface and it came with four tutorials which made life easier - although as an 'expert' player you will never take tutorials or read the manual after four or five hours of heavy gaming, that's also true... Anyway, I can remember I enjoyed the game inmediately, although I had some difficulties finding out how the traffic lights worked, but at the end I managed and I spent long hours playing.

For some reason I can't explain, I focused on passengers traffic, dismissing freight (please remember I was very young at that time - well, may not that young, but...). I developed interesting networks in some games, and TT proved to be a good game. But, as with every good game, time went by and I forgot TT...

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