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Show us how good you are!

The idea
Yes, you think you are really good playing Transport tycoon. You know all you should know and you think you master all the strategies available... but is it really true? Show us how good you are!

This competition is designed to challenge your TTDX skills and take them to the limit. Instead of playing whole games we will play with more specific projects, in a short time frame (most of the situations can be played in 5-10 years of game time) and you will have to find very specific (and sophisticated) solutions for them.

Choose your project

Easy Projects

Project 1: Finding the right crossing
The right one if you think you know all you need to know to design crossings in limited spaces.
This project includes solutions!

Difficult Projects

Project 2: When expansion is not so easy
Squeeze your brain searching for the right way of building a new station in this busy layout.

Project 4:When just good is not good enough
These two stations are the core of your network, and you will need an excellent solution for them.

Extreme Projects

Project 3: Get me four!
Manage the transition from a double to a 4X layout working against the clock in an extremely difficult assignment.

The rules
Basically, there are no rules in this game, no winners or losers. I created this for your intellectual challenge, so basically you can take any of the projects below, download it to your computer and play it whenever you want.

The point is to follow the project statement and develop your network following the guidelines. As you do it, you will soon realize the situation is somewhat difficult: network is close to collapse, trains are stopping all the time, and delays are heavy. Try hard to optimize it and improve it without breaking the problem guidelines. When you think you are done, send me the file and I will post your solution in this pages.

This is not about making more money or carrying more load: it is about building layouts that work. The simpler the solution and the less delays on the trains, the better. And hopefully, as we get different solutions for the same problem we will be able to learn from each other!

All these games are saved with Patch V2 rev 1 (windows), check to get it. You will also need the same path configuration: download both the patch cfg file and the configuration for the new graphics here.

Send me your solutions!
I decided to create this competition as I faced some of these difficult situations and I wondered how other TTDX gurus would solve it. I would be pleased if you want to send me your comments or any other particular situation you find interesting to be solved by our experts. Write your comments in this form or drop me an email if you want me to send me your solutions!

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