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Project 4: When just good is not good enough

Company: LongHaul Transport
Level: Difficult
Time start: Feb 1985
Time horizon: Feb 1995
Objective: Solve the current traffic jam and redesign the access to the Main stations (NORTH and SOUTH) to cope with increasing traffic.

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The situation
LongHaul has the strategy to keep this two stations as the core of its network: all trains with livestock, grain or steel download in Main station SOUTH, and all good trains load in Main Station NORTH. But it looks that the current access to these stations is not perfect, and as a consequence traffic jams are becoming more and more frequent.

You should redesign these accesses taking into account that a very significant increase in traffic from/to these two stations is expected, as they will continue to be the center of the whole network!

1) There are trains going to both stations (North and South) from both directions, 1 and 2. You should provide access to both stations to all trains.
2) There is also thru traffic that does not stop in any of the stations. You should also provide a tru line for this traffic.
3) You can do anything with the stations: expand them, change their location, etc - as long as you keep one for download and another for load.
4) Keep the ends (points 1 and 2) as they are now - double track

Almost ready... now check downloads below to get everything you need to start playing!

I kept playing this game with the same strategy and I got about 90 trains using these stations, or the thru line, in 2020. You really need to build a very efficient layout to cope with that...

Download the saved game to play: Project 4 saved game
You also need TTDX Patch V2 rev 1 (windows), get it at
Patch cfg file and the configuration for the new graphics in this zip file.

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