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Project 2: when expansion is not so easy

Company: Aberston Transport
Level: Difficult
Time start: November 1974
Time horizon: November 1989
Objective: Open a new station and a thru line around Chuntwood factory

The situation
As the manager of Aberston transport, you face a difficult situation: you have built your business around the Chuntwood factory, setting a nice network of trains which download grain and livestock in the factory while others pick up goods there.

However, as traffic increases the old station that served all trains (Aberstoon woods) is getting busier and busier, and even worse, you are aware that with the current design it can collapse very easily. The solution looks obvious: Built an additional station. But when you start building you realize the details are not that easy: there is a thru line that you should keep for the passenger trains (you expect this traffic will also increase significantly) and at the same time, when building the access for the new station you realize that you should design it in a way that it can cope with the much higher traffic you expect in the next years... how are you going to do it?

1) Build one or more additional stations to serve Chuntwood factory. You can also relocate the current station if you need it
2) A main thru line connecting points 1 and 2 in the picture should be built for passenger trains
3) This main line should be double track in the ends (points 1 and 2 in the picture), similar as it is now.
4) You should also keep the secondary lines (3 and 4 in the picture) working!
5) Feel free to use all the company land you already own around the factory
6) Increase the traffic and check how your design works!

Almost ready... now check downloads below to get everything you need to start playing!

Not so easy as it looks, at least if you want to do it in a way that can cope with the huge increase in traffic...

Download the saved game to play: Project 2 saved game
You also need TTDX Patch V2 rev 1 (windows), get it at
Patch cfg file and the configuration for the new graphics in this zip file.

Send me your solutions!
Remember to send me your solutions once you are done! drop me an email from here.

I will post the solutions for this project in September, stay tuned...

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