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Project 1: Finding the right crossing

Company: Wordlogistics
Level: Easy
Time start: January 1983
Time horizon: January 1988
Objective: Redesign the Gadham Crossing to cope with the new line to Bruntbourne

The situation
When we are in a hurry laying track, we often do not pay attention to the details. Worldlogistics has kept this crossing in this primitive way for a while but now it is time to make changes. The company wants to start a goods service to Bruntbourne, which will require upgrading the current Gadham crossing to be able to cope with the new traffic. However, the space is limited: there is no much room for a big design...

1) Modify the current line to Gadham station (1 in the screenshot) to reach Bruntbourne (up north)
2) Set a goods service from Springtown heights (you can find it down in the main line, 2 in the picture) to Bruntbourne
3) Modify the Gadham crossing in the best way you can to cope with the new traffic!
4) Remember that your new crossing should keep the other lines (3 and 4 in the picture) fully operational
5) Design a crossing to cope just with current traffic flows! For instance, there is NOT service between Gadham Central and Bruntbourne, so you do not have to take this option into account when designing your crossing

Almost ready... now check downloads below to get everything you need to start playing!

As always, a balance between simplicity and efficiency will be the winner solution... do not think that hard!

Download the saved game to play: Project 1 saved game
You also need TTDX Patch V2 rev 1 (windows), get it at
Patch cfg file and the configuration for the new graphics in this zip file.

Send me your solutions!
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