Distinctive Modern Show Morgans bred for good homes.
   Morgan Show and Pleasure stock available.  
There is
nothing else like a Motion Park Morgan.   Contact us for information on available Morgans.
Anthony Pierce  Motion Park Morgans
Port Hardy, BC 

Visitors and inquiries always welcome!

Century On Command  X  Prospect Candy Apple by Applelvale Replica!
This is Our senior Broodmare FPM Paper Doll.   Doll will have a Suite After foal in 2005!  Doll  will then be leased to Vision Quest Morgans for a 2006  by Aspenglow's Insurrection!  Doll is not available for sale.
Man About Town LPS  X   HVK My Flaire Lady by Noble Flaire!
Mantic Lady About Town is on lease to Vision Quest Morgans of Idaho for a 2005 foal by Aspenglow's Insurrection!
DSF Trophy's Cavalier  X Springervale Mame! by Neptune's Mirage!
Erber's Uptown Girl has returned home to Minnesota with Doubletrak Morgans having left us a  gorgeous  Medomak Sea Splendor filly named Vi Vacious!  Thanks to the Buchners for their generosity.
Medomak Sea Splendor  X  Erber's Uptown Girl  by DSF Trophy's Cavalier!
Vi Vacious (RAF) 2004 Filly    "Viv" offers a unique pedigree right from the past!  She's a  snorty show filly & is  growing into a stunning Morgan  Mare!  Available  to a loving home.
HRH Image Command  X HVM Le Jazz  Hot by Figures Courageous!
Ensbrook Sophia has been sold to Pennsylvannia!
 Merango Sorrento  x Promise Of Spring by UVM Promise
Precious Gift Of Spring  - Our  exquisite 2003 Show Filly   Precious is maternal 1/2  sibling   to  two National Champions and has  World Champion Potential herself.   By Merango Sorrento out of Promise Of Spring watch this lovely filly strut her stuff in the coming years!
Ensbrook Avanti  X Ensbrook Sophia by HRH Image Command !
Calista now makes her home at Dreamcatcher Morgans in California!  The Finks won Calista in the ilovemorgans Raffle.
'Calista' means 'the most beautiful' See her in her new home at:
Our 2006 foal crop will include foals by Suite After,  Merango Sorrento and Tug Hill Whammunition!  We are excited to get back into the breeding having taken a year to rest in 2005.  More information will be available shortly and pubically about our stolen Mares.  You can get more info at
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