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Las Vegas Memories

There is just something magical about the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Las Vegas is a city of fantasy, of dreams, of high hopes and scenic beauty. I never tired of seeing the desert sunsets - they would make me stop in my tracks to appreciate their colorful displays.

We lived only a couple of blocks from the Stratosphere I lived there from October through December, 1999, having moved there with Country Blu, my future husband. Our tiny apartment was on the corner of Charleston and Las Vegas Boulevard, right in the middle of all the action from my point of view. We had dreams of starting our new life together in that oasis, high hopes of settling there and perhaps even starting a family. While those dreams did not materialize, I now look back on that time as a sort of honeymoon period. We explored the city as we explored our new relationship.

Of course, we had to visit every major casino and try our hand at gambling. Fortunately, we stuck to the penny and nickel slots so we did not fall victim to the mistress that dashes many peoples fun. I discovered buffets that dazzled the eyes and the stomach, as well as attractions and decor of which fantasies are made. I was especially awed by the giant Luxor pyramid, the fairyland castle of Excalibur, and the majesty of Caesars Palace.

Exterior of the Luxor pyramid at dusk The fairytale castle of Excalibur Slots floor of Caesars Palace
One of my most cherished memories was a special night when CB took me out to eat at Lobster House. The dining room was completely decorated with fully rigged masts, sails, nets and other nautical decor. The table was set with full service and linens. From appetizer to dessert, we had the most conscientious waiters and delectable seafood all for around $250. Of course, it doesn't have to cost that much to dine there, but, in his words, he was treating me like a queen that night.

Some of the freely distributed gadgets distributed at Comdex Another wonderful experience involved working at Comdex, the big annual computer fun show. We were able to preview all the up and coming advances in technology and rub elbows with techies from around the world. I was especially fascinated by the wearable computers that are already popular in Europe, so they said. Part of the fun was collecting all the gadgets that people wear around their necks.

One day I imagine returning to Las Vegas, whether alone or with someone special, because I feel drawn to the place, to the magic and to the experience that makes up Las Vegas.

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