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Independent wild woman and erotic artist finding spiritual sanctuary in Seattle; a naughty southern belle on a beautiful adventure through life.
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Personal writings of my great adventures, priceless moments and personal growth.

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Warning: Independent survivors tend to run wild and speak their minds freely.

This is the place. This is where I recollect, analyze, evaluate and reminensce.

At times it certainly seems that I live a soap opera life, but then again, doesn't everybody?

You are welcome to read; you are welcome to wander. If you know me in real life, though, this is your only warning:

I am brutally honest in my journal,
sharing the world as I see it.

Journal Entries

Feb 29, 2004 Is my world about to crumble forever?
Feb 27, 2004 My personal prime directive.
Feb 20, 2004 Wisdom's new adventure begins.
Feb 15, 2004 A first of its kind, empowering myself.
Feb 14, 2004 Happy Valentine's Day to me.
Feb 8, 2004 What happened to Paisley Blue?
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