I became interested in paranormal invesigation in 1993, but I have always believed in ghosts because I had my own experiences as a child, but I decided to start researching them when I found that sometimes photo abnormalites can be actual ghosts on film. Who knew that we could see a whole other demention just from snapping a photo, and who knew the television could be a gateway for the other side. There are many amazing things to know and learn about ghost hunting and I guess thats what made it so interesting to me. All I know is going on an investigation can be one of the most amazing experiences, you can feel the paranormal energy all around you and sometimes strange things happen, plus once you get your photos back and see what you've got it makes it all that much more worth it. I never knew haw many people believed in ghosts until now, and I see that more and more people open their mind everyday. So enjoy the pages we have created for you and remember, ghost hunting can be an amazing thing.
Jamie a.k.a. Jai
About Me:
Wussup I'm Jamie, but everyone calls me Jai. I stay in the Fresno Cali area. I like doing a whole lotta stuff, to much to start listing, my favorite movie genre is horror, for music its rap/R&B and I like some other types too. But enuff about me you came here to find out why I like ghost hunting..........
Ok well this is why.........
Paranormal Interest:
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