The Holy Cross Cemetary
The Holy Cross Cemetary is located in Fresno California on Belmont and Hughes streets. It is one of three cemetaries on Belmont. It is a small peaceful place with large tomb stones and some statues. It has two outdoor and one indoor mausolem with graves dateing back to the 1800's. There is a strong paranormal vibe in this cemetary and many strange occurances have taken place. Here you will read the investigators true accounts and feelings as the investigation took place.
Donna's Notes:
On arrival of the cemetary it was still daytime, its always wise for an investigator to check out the scene before conduction. my main interest was the indoor mausolem, my vibes there were strong. we stood for a moment then entered and it became very cold and it was warm outside, as we walked through the place we heard our usual cricks and creaks, there are four doors in this mausolem and me and Jamie made a joke of the doors being locked all of a sudden one of the doors started rattling back and forth as  if the wind was blowing, but there was none. As we  moved on we came to the end of the mausolem by a window that was stained glass as we stood there I told Jamie I felt something move my hair  I felt chills and yet a little excited cause this is what I like to do. I like to know whats on the other side. As we moved on through the rest we noticed a grave marker that was turned completely upside down, we took our pictures and got good results I was very pleased with our conduction.
Jamie's Notes:
Apon arriving at the Holy Cross, Our main reason for being there was the indoor mausolem which is shaped like a cross you can walk into, you enter at the foot and work your way to the head and arms. There are four doors in the place besides the entrance which are chained and pad locked, two on each side of the foot and two at the head. You can't enter those doors because thats where they keep the bodies. There is only one way in and out of the mausolem. We walked into the entrance and looked around at all the grave markers, one was put in upside down which was creepy. As we walk to the head of the cross we heard the door start slowly rattleing so I walked over to it to have a look. We listened at the door and heard what sounded like a hammer pounding something and then a coffin or something opening, worried that it might be someone trying to rob the graves we walked around to the back to see if there was any windows leading to that area and to our suprise there were none. We took a few pictures of this mausolem and two came back with unexplained activity.
Once we get our scanner running our pictures from this investigation will be up.
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