Summer Glau as Sophie Berger

The main character and narrator of the story. A certified genius who used
to spend her free time forming plans for world domination. These days her
mind seems to be preoccupied with something, or rather someone, else. She
has a fascination with Oscar the Grouch and goose bumps (not the books).

Natalie Portman as Chelsea Stevensen

Sophie's best friend since freshmen year of high school. She has a learning
disability and is prone to having panic attacks before, during, and after
test and quizzes.

Ryan Philippe as Andrew Stevensen

Chelsea's older brother and the love of Sophie's life. In Sophie's words
he is "handsome, muscular, sweet, studious, intelligent, funny, and charming."
He is almost perfect, except for his pesky habit of smoking and the fact
that he is off limits.

Seth Green as Elliot Harrington

One of Andrew's best friends and a semi-friend/semi-aquaintance of Sophie.
He likes Jimmy Choo, cooking, and romantic comedies, but has as of yet to
come out of the closet.

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