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*My Memories Of You*

I remember your face and that soft gentle smile
All the times that we would talk on the phone for awhile
When times would get tough you would quietly say
Just trust in Jesus, believe and pray

Like a fountain of plenty your heart poured over with might
Lending a helping hand and trusting God in faith and not sight
I admired your strength and goodness that came from your soul
You reminded me that Jesus was always in control

A walk through life far and wide
Not one step without, the Father at your side
From the time of your birth to your arrival home
Not a foot went forward on life's journey alone

Such a wonderful blessing and gift from above
The Lord knew you were tired and brought you home for a hug
Your journey hasn't ended but simply begun
In a mansion made in glory with our Holy one

You will be taken care of and you can rest from this life
Where in heaven angels rejoice over peace and no strife
You will be missed but I know you will be okay
I have the memories of us and how we will be together one day

With wings as an eagle your spirit soared
To a home of overflowing glory with our Saviour and Lord
His light of love shined from your spirit within
That eternal glow of salvation that gave you happiness and a grin

My dear grandma this you must always know
You are always remembered, for I loved you so
For now I walk my journey and will be with Jesus someday
'Til we both meet again, I will always trust and pray

Poetry By Laura Kocher
Copyright 2003
Written In Memory Of My Grandmother
Doris Brown
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