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 The Not So Small Print
Any comments or criticisms are warmly welcomed about my site or models - except those that upset me, in which case I'll smash yer face in! I'm a bit of a sensitive soul like that.
 The Small Print
Please feel free to download or save any of my model diagrams. If yoo wish to use any of these in any commercial venture, then I'd be grateful if you could choose one that donates money to charity, rather than lining your own pocket.

I'd also be grateful if you could just inform me out of common courtesy that it is your intention to use my models for just such a purpose. This will boost my ego to the stratosphere and make me just plain smug about it!! 

All models are my own creations through plain old doodling with a bit of paper. However, if anybody claims that they came up with the same model as I have come up with - then it wouldn't surprise me! I'm not claiming uniqueness in my models, just a love of origami!

Welcome to Mike's Ori-Book
The Great Ori-cle and the Ori-Quest (continued)
But the third Thingymyjig gave them a chill right down their spine. The joke he told was a good one but the direction was spinechilling. "Head for that peak over there" said the Thingymyjig, "the one they call 'The Mountain of Doom'".

With trepidation in their step, they headed for and arrived at 'The Mountain of Doom'. Almost immediately they saw the dragon puffing away nonchantly at a stick of dynamite. With The Great Ori-cle's words ringing in their ears. they let rip their first joke.

When do squirrels have their daily snack?


No affect. "Oh woe is me" said Princess. "Try another one".

Why did the mouse cross the road?

It was the chicken's day off!

Thingymyjig Squirrel Mouse
Again no affect. "Woe betide me", said Princess dispairingly. "Our jokes are just like Shakespeare - really 'bard'. Hit him with the third and final joke and let's hope beyond hope that this is the killer".

How do you make a milk shake?

Give it a fright!

Again, absolutely no affect. "Woe, woe and thrice woe", Princess said woefully, her face noticeably ageing by 20 years in the last 5 minutes. "What do we do now", said Prince. "We need a miracle" and out of thin air popped The Great Ori-cle.

"Tell him this one" hooted the owl, and whispered the joke in Prince's ear.  "It gets him everytime" and with that The Great Ori-cle disappeared just as quickly as he had appeared.

Did you hear about the bird that fell into the chocolate river?

It truffled it's feathers!!

Shakespeare Old Lady Face Bird
Bingo! Right on the nail! Spot-on! The paper dragon folded, creased and crumpled with laughter. They eagerly rushed past him to the shimmering, shining treasure chest.

Princess opened the chest up so impatiently that she nearly ripped the lid off it's hinges. "Urghhh! The chest is full of worms and centipedes. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Where's the diamond encrusted tiaras, the opal bracelets, the necklaces oozing with precious stones etc., etc."

"Hang on there though", she said with a glimmer of hope in her eye. "There's 2 golden envelopes in here as well. One says 'Open Me' whilst the other says 'No, Open Me!'"
Traesure Chest Centipede Envelope
Princess noticed some instructions that were written on the chest lid. She read them out loud. "Only open up one envelope, otherwise you're doomed, doomed I say". Princess flitted her eyes from one envelope to the other, prayed and then settled on the brightest, shiniest most goldenest one out of the two.

Inside was a message which read 'Kiss the frog Prince under a star'. She quickly and deftly made an origami star and kissed her husband. Nothing happened. "Oh, woe is me again. You're supposed to turn into a handsome prince. That's what always happens in fairy tales", said Princess rather disappointingly. "Read the other envelope then", Prince replied.

Again, there was a message inside which she read out. "Urghhh, you kissed a frog. Rather you than me. Anyway your treasure lies within your heart".With a dispairing tone to her voice, she said, "What's that supposed to mean. I wanted gold, diamonds, rubies - the full works. Oh woe, woe and more woe. We'll never pay off our debts".
Flitting Eyes Star Heart
"There's no treasure here, so let's get off this crummy island now. That Great Ori-cle has lead us on a wild goose chase", Princess angrily stated.  They hurried past the dragon who was still creased with laughter, only to be confronted by a pteradactyl.

 "Who are you?" they both exclaimed. "I'm Terry the Pteradactyl. Pete the Pegasus got bored of hanging around for you, so I'm here to fly you home. Hop on". On their journey home they passed many birds and butterflies.

With a deep sigh in their hearts, they returned home and opened the door to their house. Ronnie, their pet rhino greeted them with an envelope in his mouth that the postman had popped through the letterbox that day. "Not another bill to put us into even more debt. We'll never be able to buy that dream sailboat now. Oh, woe, woe and even more woe", said Princess suicidely.
Pteradactyl Butterfly Sailboat
Resigned to a life of debt, she opened up the letter and with aghast she looked at it disbelievingly. 'Congratulations', the letter said. 'You've won the Mr + Mrs Luurve Show. The other couple who beat you into 2nd place were fraudsters passing off as a married couple. It's your lucky day and by now I bet you're jumping for joy and hopping around the room like a kangaroo'.

'You've won a house, a 24 carat gold ring, an antique chalice cup and a personal jet.

 "But we've already got all of those. They're no use to us. I want something more, like my own personal Santa Claus who will give me presents every day ", explained the ever so grateful and ungreedy Princess. "Well, we can sell those prizes on Ebay and pay off all of our debts", replied Prince. 
Kangaroo Jet Plane Santa Claus