This is a tribute to my grandmother who 'passed on' in her sleep. I made this heart 

thingy to go on top of her coffin when she was cremated. Nana, may you have learnt 

 alot in this life, to stand you in good stead for the next one.

b. 27-01-1914    d. 22-04-2006

The model is made out of individual L-U-V-U hearts and 'NANA' letters, glued 

(yes you read that correctly) on top of a very simple larger heart.

Apologies to the creator of the L-U-V-U origami hearts. The diagrams that I have 

are not credited to anybody, although they are in Japanese.

The 'NANA' letters were created from a long strip of paper folded in half several times 

and then just folded to form the letters.