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 The Not So Small Print
Any comments or criticisms are warmly welcomed about my site or models - except those that upset me, in which case I'll smash yer face in! I'm a bit of a sensitive soul like that.
 The Small Print
Please feel free to download or save any of my model diagrams. If yoo wish to use any of these in any commercial venture, then I'd be grateful if you could choose one that donates money to charity, rather than lining your own pocket.

I'd also be grateful if you could just inform me out of common courtesy that it is your intention to use my models for just such a purpose. This will boost my ego to the stratosphere and make me just plain smug about it!! 

All models are my own creations through plain old doodling with a bit of paper. However, if anybody claims that they came up with the same model as I have come up with - then it wouldn't surprise me! I'm not claiming uniqueness in my models, just a love of origami!

My Wife's Origami
My wife has been doing origami on and off since January 2005. It all started when I received an origami calender from my sister-in-law in December 2004. The models in the calender were, in karate terms a bit 'yellow belt-ish' for me. My wife, thinking it would occupy her time whilst she watched telly, decided to give the models a go. She started in January 2005 and a year later, she had managed to fold upto March 24th!

The models she folded were from this calendar below

Origami Calendar

Below are some pictures of the models that my wife has folded from the calendar.

Hats and Boxes

Objects and Miscellanea

Hats and Boxes Objects and Miscellanea Transport