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 The Not So Small Print
Any comments or criticisms are warmly welcomed about my site or models - except those that upset me, in which case I'll smash yer face in! I'm a bit of a sensitive soul like that.
 The Small Print
Please feel free to download or save any of my model diagrams. If yoo wish to use any of these in any commercial venture, then I'd be grateful if you could choose one that donates money to charity, rather than lining your own pocket.

I'd also be grateful if you could just inform me out of common courtesy that it is your intention to use my models for just such a purpose. This will boost my ego to the stratosphere and make me just plain smug about it!! 

All models are my own creations through plain old doodling with a bit of paper. However, if anybody claims that they came up with the same model as I have come up with - then it wouldn't surprise me! I'm not claiming uniqueness in my models, just a love of origami!

My Morbid Confession
I've made loads of origami models over my 30 years of folding and I've probably kept about half of them - stuffed in an envelope and consigned to the bottom of a drawer. What was the purpose I thought of making them, apart from the 'gee whiz' factor of folding a square piece of paper into ..... well so many different things.

I had an idea - admittedly years ago, for people to donate money for my origami models which could then go to charity. The only way people are going to do this I thought, is at my funeral (told you it was morbid). My models would be displayed out on a table and people would 'buy' the models, which hopefully they would keep and serve as a reminder of me - well that's the theory anyway!

Of course, there's just one snag. I need people to turn up at my funeral, which means I need friends which means I need to socialise which means I can't do so much origamiing. Geez, what a decision to make - to origami or to socialise?

What would you decide? Are you an obsessed origamist or a flippant folder?