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 The Not So Small Print
Any comments or criticisms are warmly welcomed about my site or models - except those that upset me, in which case I'll smash yer face in! I'm a bit of a sensitive soul like that.
 The Small Print
Please feel free to download or save any of my model diagrams. If yoo wish to use any of these in any commercial venture, then I'd be grateful if you could choose one that donates money to charity, rather than lining your own pocket.

I'd also be grateful if you could just inform me out of common courtesy that it is your intention to use my models for just such a purpose. This will boost my ego to the stratosphere and make me just plain smug about it!! 

All models are my own creations through plain old doodling with a bit of paper. However, if anybody claims that they came up with the same model as I have come up with - then it wouldn't surprise me! I'm not claiming uniqueness in my models, just a love of origami!

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Origami Family Tree Poster

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Family Tree Crest Zoom

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To download it for FREE click here

Origami Family Tree Poster
This idea sprung from a product I used to sell on the web, called the Comical Family Tree. I've now adapted the product for the origami world. You can download it for free here in .pdf format and print it off yourself . 

Here then below, for your enjoyment, curiosity or just plain bemusement are the details of the product.


Origami Family Tree




Tell Me More

The Origami Family Tree gift is just perfect if you have a special occasion coming up or you're just looking for a personalized birthday gift idea. No research is needed on your part, it's all written in a standardized format and likewise no names are required, apart from the person for whom the Family Tree is intended for. It's designed to be given to your parents, friends, family, genealogist, origamist ......well anybody really who has ancestors!

Do you know someone who's into origami.. Well, they'll be delighted to read the stories of their relatives, stretching as far back as their Great Grandparents, who either through their love of or prowess with origami, played their part in shaping a famous event, influencing a famous person or inspiring a famous invention.

A spoof seal of authenticity has been added to the base of the tree and witnessed by ....well, you'll need to download it to find out who it is or they are!

All in all, it's a fantastic gift if you're looking to provide a laugh for that hard-to-buy for person, who's into origami. So go on, give them a life in the 'past' lane by presenting them with the best memories of their relatives they never had! 


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the details of the tree ie. size, quality?

The size of the family tree poster is 11 x 17 inches ie. A3 size. A border has been left around the Family Tree to enable you to optionaly frame the poster yourself.

2) What if I don't know the relative's names?

You don't have to. That's what makes it so easy to give for any hard-to-give for person. No research is needed into the family history as everything is written in a standardized format. The only name you'll need is the recipient's name.

3) Can it be delivered anywhere in the world?


4) I have further questions

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