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 Homepages of the diagrams I have linked to:

Nicolas Terry 

Dave Petty

Joseph Wu

Robin Glynn


Nick Robinson

Origami Club


Anita Barbour

Tom Hull

František Grebeníček


Centro Diffusione Origami

British Origami Society

Asociación Española de Papiroflexia

Vincent Osele

Brooklyn Origami Center

Online Origami

Rachel Katz

Origami USA

S Ansons

Lone Folders Origami Page

Bruno Ferraz

Jean Jerome

Michel Turmel

Paul Jackson

Laurie & Pam Bisman

Origami Diagrams on the Net
This list is simply a list. No account has been taken of the complexity of the model nor of it's author etc. Where you see a number after a name, it means there is another model out there with the same name, but of a different design. All links are external ones and go direct to either a jpg/gif/html image or a pdf download (for which you will need Adobe Reader, if you haven't already got it). No model diagrams reside on my website, they all reside on the creator's website. Of course, some links may go to sites in which the diagram has been placed without permission. I deplore this, but I am not psychic enough to discern between who has or hasn't obtained permission!
Ornaments + Decoration Diagrams

3 -in -1 Rabbits Ear Ornament 

Blossom Ornament 

Curved Diamond Ornament

Decoration   1 

Double Leaf Ornament

Dreamcatcher Ornament

Four Birds Ornament

Hood Ornament


Kusadama, Crane

Kusadama Roses

Simple Star Ornament

Spiral Seedpod Ornament

Star   1  2  3  4  5  6

Star, 3D   1  2 

Star, Froebal

Star Gudrun

Star, Modular

Star, Dollar Bill Six Point 

Star Twist Ornament

Strand of Tears Ornament

Teardrop Ornamnet

Tier of Tears Ornament

Tree Tree Ornament   1  2

Triple Leaf Ornament

Twelve Vaned Ornament

Twin Scallop Ornament

Winged Ornament