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 Homepages of the diagrams I have linked to:

Nicolas Terry 

Dave Petty

Joseph Wu

Robin Glynn


Nick Robinson

Origami Club


Anita Barbour

Tom Hull

František Grebeníček


Centro Diffusione Origami

British Origami Society

Asociación Española de Papiroflexia

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Brooklyn Origami Center

Online Origami

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Origami USA

S Ansons

Lone Folders Origami Page

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Origami Diagrams on the Net

This list is simply a list. No account has been taken of the complexity of the model nor of it's author etc. Where you see a number after a name, it means there is another model out there with the same name, but of a different design. Most links go direct to either a jpg/gif/html image or a pdf download (for which you will need Adobe Reader, if you haven't already got it).

Envelopes and Cards Diagrams

Card, Crane

Envelope   1  2

Envelope, A4

Envelope, Anchor

Envelope, Bar

Envelope, Box Pleated

Envelope, Butterfly

Envelope, Cormetic

Envelope, Crane

Envelope, Cross

Envelope, Disc

Envelope, Dog Head

Envelope, Double-Lock

Envelope, Easier Done than Said

Envelope, Elephant

Envelope, Empfanger

Envelope, Football

Envelope for Stamps

Envelope, Frog

Envelope, Harlequin

Envelope, Hawk

Envelope, Hug Me

Envelope, Kenton

Envelope, Ribboned

Envelope, Sack

Envelope, Simple

Envelope, Single Lock

Envelope, Square   1

Envelope, T-Flap

Envelope, Trap

Envelope, Two By One

Envelope, V

Envelope, Wallet

Envelope with Crane

Envelope with Triangles

Letterfold, Box Lock

Letterfold, Daisy

Letterfold, DS

Letterfold, Fern

Letterfold, Florentine

Letterfold, K

Letterfold, Layered

Letterfold, Lockless

Letterfold, Lockless Pen

Lettefold, Lockless Tulip and Leaf 

Letterfold, M

Letterfold, NB

Letterfold, Square

Letterfold, W

Lockless Letter Jora

Lockless Letter Zuckerhut

Pepi Envelope Fold

Snail Mail

Table Cards