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Origami Skill Exchange Group
I have started a Yahoo Group for an exchange of origami skills.


Click here to join origami_exchange
Click to join origami_exchange

Basically itís trying to cater to two types of people.

1) Those that have had the skill to doodle / create an origami model, but have neither the time, ability or resource to diagram it up

2) Those people who are altruistic enough to want to contribute to the greater good of the origami community by reverse folding and ultimately diagramming up a model that someone has had the skill to create

You can view the detailed mechanics of how it works by visiting the Group, but basically someone posts a photo of their creation from various angles to the Group and if it appeals to a diagrammer out there, an exchange of skills could take place, the result of which shouldl be put into the public realm for the benefit of fellow folders.

I do hope you will give this Group a Ďlook-overí and embrace this exciting opportunity. I believe it will not only benefit the individual but also the origami community at large. You never know what discoveries await you from a hidden talent out there.

BTW, Iím open to suggestions as to how the Origami Exchange group could be improved upon.

Hope to see you over at my Yahoo Group.


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