Our Bulletin Boards

Apple Unit Board- September 2000

This was the first board that we did this year. We began our year with a unit on Apples. We made two kinds of trees in our orchard- painted construction paper trees and twisted paper bag trees.

Halloween Board- October 2000

This was a multi step board. First, we made pumpkins from stuffed paper lunch bags that we painted orange and green. Secondly, we made white ghosts. Lastly, we made bats from toilet paper rolls that we covered with black paper and added wings too. All of the pieces came together to make a nice display. It was different because all of the pices were 3-dimensional.

Boards done by my Kindergarten students from 1999-2000

Fall- September 1999

This was the first bulletin board that we made in Kindergarten. Ms. Cole's Kindergarten class and I shared a large bulletin board outside of the gym. This was a multi step board similar to the one that I made in 2000 with with my Grade One students. First, we made fingerpainted multi-coloured corn husks and then we sponge painted crows to fly above the corn.

Remembrance Day Board- November 1999

This bulletin board was made by my last year's Kindergarten class as well as Ms. Cole's Kindergarten class. We traced our hands onto coloured paper and our big buddies helped us cut them out.

100th Day Board- February 2000

Ms. Cole and I had 60 students between us to make the 100 cars on the board. Two of our classes had to make two cars each and one class only made one car. Each car/truck/van etc. has a sticker on it with a number on it. The numbers went from 1-100 starting at the top of the bulletin board.

In Like a Lion- Out Like a Lamb- March 2000

Ms. Cole's class made the lions that are on the left hand side and my class made the lambs. We made the lambs by gluing scrunched tissue paper piaces onto a lamb picture that had benn copied onto card stock.

Our Space Unit- April 2000

In April, we did a unit on Space. This is one of the few boards that was done by my class only. It is on a smaller bulletin board. Each student made coloured and cut out their own spaceship and tied two astronauts to it. It is hard to see in the picture, but there is a strng attached to each astronaut. There was a pocket on the front of the spaceships for the astronauts to go in.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar- May 2000

This was another joint bulletin board with Ms. Cole's Kindergarten students. Each student traced their hand and cut it out. We arranged the hands to make the caterpillar. Then each class painted various pieces of paper in the style of Eric Carle. We used red, orange and yellow to make the apple coloured paper. We also dribbled a bit of brown on top of the red/orange colours. After all of the colours were dry, each student traced and cut out a pice of fruit. We then put the correct number on the bulletin board. We had lots left over for decorating our rooms.

Boards done by other classes

Thanksgiving Board- October 2000

This bulletin board was created by Ms. Cole's Grade 2 class. Each pumpkin says "I am thankful for...".

Halloween Board-October 2000

This board was done for Halloween this year by Ms. Boan and Ms. Mattu's Grade Two classes. They called these characters "Pumpkin Pals".

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