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Sorry that I have not updated. But, just to let those who read this fanfic, there are more episodes. They will now be located at: Anime Enthusiast. Thank you for reading this fic. And if you want to see my characters in comic form, go to: Restaurant.

A Dragon Ball/Sailormoon/Myk cross-over. What happens when you get a cross-over world mixed in with the real world? A big confusion party! But, there is a big suprize for Myk.
Continuation of Unknown Powers. The Master struggles to take over the universe, but the Sailor Senshi will not allow that. The search for the chosen one is on. And who is the mysterious Senshi in Silver?
Will evil ever rest?

SM- Myk is updated! Episodes 21-25!


Silver Senshi
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HI! I'm Kinoko, the horrible attempt at an animated gif!
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