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"Its the end of something simple... and the beginning of everything else"

Please explore my DC page, it is not updated very often now that the show has been off the air for quite some time. When you explore the site you will find a pretty vast site including photo galleries, a chat room, an episode guide, links to other cool sites on the web, Also the lyrics to the theme song, an application to join my Dawson's Creek fan club, a section that displays movie posters seen in Dawson's bedroom, my fav. songs from the show, a fan fiction section. and much more. Use the links below to navigate around the page.

Reruns of this show can be seen in North America on TBS and Razor or anytime on DVD.
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The Bookstore
Looking for a really good Dawson's Creek; book, movie, music, or a gift? You can also search the database for many other interesting selections

The Detailed Cast Page
Listing Of Cast

Send A Letter To The Cast
Cast's mailing address.

The Cool Stuff Page
Must see cool stuff.

The Script/Short Story Page
Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction.

Dawsons Room
Movie posters found in Dawson's bedroom

The Download Page
Download DC files.

Lyrics to On My Own with .WAV
Lyrics to "On My Own" with .WAV

The lyrics to their melancholy tune.

Your Favorite Creek Moments.

The Quote Page
Quotes from the show.

The Galleries
Photo galleries of the cast.

The Java Cube Page
Cool photo java cube of the cast.

The Clip Page
Video clips.
Which creek alum has the most promising future?

The Update Page The Page's Latest Updates

The Introduction Page
New to the show? Be sure to checkout what it is all about.

The News Page
Checkout the latest about the show.

Dawsons Chat
A place to meet people, and chat about the show.

The Episode Guide
Up to date summaries of the episodes.

The Cast Page
Cast bios.

Listing: My fav. songs from Dawsons Creek
My favorite songs from the show.

The Webring
The webrings this page belongs too.

Join The Fan Club.
Join the club.

The Fan Club Info Page
Info on the club.

The Lyrics to the Theme Song
The Lyrics to the Theme Song

The Rumor Page
Rumors of the show and cast.

Link Directory
Search through our directory of interesting links.

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