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I got introduced to poultry through 4-H and have never regretted a minute of it.  Through these experiences, I have learned all aspects of poultry.  I have now specialized in several breeds including Standard Silver-Laced Wyandottes, Standard Rhode Island Reds, Bantam Black and Blue Cochins, and Bantam American Seramas.  I also breed Penciled Runner Ducks and Royal Palm Turkeys.

While I am still trying to establish a good breeding base for those breeds, I am still willing to sell some birds.  I do believe on making these birds availible to everyone, so I will not charge grossly high prices, but I also won't undersell myself.

Terry Wittenberg introduced me to poultry and really got me interested.  Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack on January 20, 2004.  He is everything that is great about the fancy.  His spirit will definitely live on through me and my flock.

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Seems as though you've taken an interest in Poultry.  Hopefully you will learn a little bit about me and my birds and see that it really is alright to be addicted to Poultry!
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The mission at Thousand Oaks Poultry is to breed birds to standard and provide birds to others so that they may experience the same joy that I have felt in owning suchs birds.  Although Thousand Oaks Poultry is a young and new hatchery, it is starting to gain notice among the poultry community.  With its determination and commitment to poultry, everyone who has come across Thousand Oaks Poultry is pleased with the experience.
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