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The Road to Galle
After spending the initial few days with family and friends in Colombo, Sharon and I rented a vehicle with a driver to take us down to the coast south of Colombo, taking Galle road.  On our way to Galle, we stopped at several locations, including the Buddhist temple at Kalutara and the fishing harbor at Beruwela.
In hot tropical Sri Lanka, there is nothing more refreshing than a drink  of "Thambili" water to quench your thirst.
Enjoying a Thambili (King Coconut) at a wayside stall on Galle road in Kalutara.
Coconut trees where toddy tappers climb to collect the toddy, in the traditional manner, are found in coconut plantations along the wayside of Galle road.
The 'Gangatilaka Vihara' can be seen from miles away.  This huge Dagoba (Buddhist Temple) is just south of the bridge and marks the site of an ancient Buddhist Temple.
About 58 km south of Colombo, Beruwala is the site of the oldest Moor settlement on the island (1024 AD) and the town even today retains a somewhat Arabic character.
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